Precalculus: Practice Exercise Practice Problems Essay

Precalculus Midterm 1 Practice Test Part I: Non Calculator Portion(2/3 of grade) 1.

State the domain of each a. fx=3x+4 b. gx=22×2+x. 2. Sketch the graph of each. c. fx=x d.

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gx=2x+4+3 e. hx=x f. kx=-x-2-4 3. Write the function in vertex form. Then state the vertex. g.

fx=x2-6x+17 h. gx=2×2-16x+25 4. Determine the real and complex zeros of the function. i. fx=x3+5×2+x-10 j. gx=x3-9×2+4x-36 5. Perform the indicated operation. k.

3-7i+4+5i l. 3-7i-4+5i m. 3-7i4+5i n. 34+5i 6. Graph the rational functions by finding their intercepts and asymptotes.

o. x=(x+10)(x-2)(x+5)(x+5)(x-7)(x-2) p. gx=x2-49×2+4x-21 Part II: Calculator Portion (1/3 of grade) 1. Graph the functions. i.

fx=x4-x3-2×2 ii. fx=x3-7×2+2x+1 a. State the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant. b. Find the values of the relative maxima and minima to three decimal places. c. Approximate the zeros to three decimal places. 2.

Graph each if fx=3x-4 and gx=2x-7. d. f+gx e. f-gx f. fgx g. fgx h. (f ? g)(x) 3. Determine graphically if the functions are inverses.

Explain how you know. i. fx=(x-3)2 and gx=x+3 j. hx=3x+7 and kx=x7-73


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