PR Consultancy and image management Essay

Structure2.0Aims2.1PR Consultancy2.2Corporate Image Management2.3Celebrity Image Management2.4Assignments2.4.

1Class Assignment2.4.2Home Assignments2.5Terminal Questions2.6Summarizing Up2.7Suggested Further Readings2.8Keywords2.

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PR Consultancy and Image Management___________________________________________________________________In the last lesson we have discussed assorted tools and techniques used by PR.In the present lesson we shall analyze PR consultancy & A ; Image direction.In this unit we aims at explicating the demand for consultancies in PR.The importance of image direction for a company will besides be discussed which holds the key to both an individual’s every bit good as company‘s success.___________________________________________________________________

  1. Aims

After traveling through this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Describe PR consultancy and its function
  • Justify the demand for image direction
  • Identify factors which help in image edifice

2.1PR ConsultancyIn today’s universe the demand is being felt for extremely competent professionals who believes in uninterrupted invention and people with specialized advice were needed hence the demand for PR adviser was felt.New media has given a platform to the universe wherein the cardinal information about a concern or an administration can be found in affair of seconds.It is at that place fore of import that the first feeling should be the best the company should come up as a strong, positive and appropriate to the concern sector.

PR activities should be incorporated into the promotional schemes of an administration which can can assist in distributing information about the company among the clients, whether they are single consumers or concerns houses. The consciousness demand to be at that place so as to demo that you exist in the market and the client can make you..

Appointing PR Consultants can supply AdvantagesPraseodymium advisers are the demand of this hr as they come with existentexpertness and cognition needed to develop and transport out effectual PR activities, procedures and schemes.They experience in the field can turn out good for any company as they come with bing media contact list which can turn out good to an administration. This can run in graduated table from the local intelligence newsman who is known for doing or interrupting concerns in a community or a peculiar country at the same clip commissioning editors for telecasting and wireless at national degree as well.

It would be really hard to develop such relationship with the media without utilizing some signifier ofpublic dealingss adviser.Praseodymium advisers are required loosely for four grounds:

  • Consultant provides high criterion of professional services. Advisers are frequently known as alteration agents.

    They will include advanced and information techniques for an effectual PR programme.

  • Consultant helps in supplying a fresh and independent expression to overall scheme, PR organisational reappraisal, restructuring and supplying valuable inputs towards entire PR and communicating attempt.
  • Consultant besides suggest different medium of communicating. It provide efficient support services associating to audio ocular, print work, picture taking, movies and other tools of communicating in penchant to paper consultancy.
  • The suggestions related to the wage bundles are besides efficaciously decided by the advisers. The advice and bundle of investor and fiscal dealingss, authorities personal businesss and employees dealingss naming for communicating techniques and programmes of the higher order are besides suggested by the advisers.


Professionals Con
Consultancy houses are like advertisement bureaus who can be dispensed with if found inadequate or inefficient. Lack of uninterrupted working it can be a hinderance to effectual physiques up of repute and fond regard for the adviser.
They usually posses wider scope of experience and exposure by working with many administrations. Lack of sufficient cognition about the administration for which the adviser is working.
Consultant can supply indifferent, impartial service easing right appraisal of state of affairs by the direction e.g in exigencies like work stoppage, natural catastrophes. A adviser is needed to cover with imperativeness every bit good as authorities.

I n order to transport frontward the conversation a adviser makes frequent mention to the direction for seeking blessing.

They will hold location advantage enabling companies situated at distance topographic points for keeping line of contact with the authorities, media and other bureaus Partial service and divided truenesss of advisers creates barriers of communicating for an administration.
Advisers are better equipped to roll up a host of information from multiple beginnings which will be of value to the direction. They are besides able to make across the universe for planetary communicating affairs. Most advisers are inexperience personal with lower wages ensuing in half hearted public presentation by them.
A good PR house will work with you to make effectual thoughts for a public dealingss run and transform the thoughts into feasible undertakings. They are expensive.PR houses are typically engaged by concern for a monthly consideration fee, under the footings of a contract which runs a lower limit of three months and frequently every bit long as a twelvemonth or more.

PR bureaus besides pass along to the client all difficult transcript cost –the costs of picture taking, printing, postage, telephone and other fees related to production of stuff for the client. So every company can non attempt to engage a PR bureau.

2.2 Corporate Image ManagementFirst feeling is the last feeling. This is applicable for both amusement and media industry every bit good as persons functioning it.When a individual meets another individual, within a few seconds, first feeling is created which influences the determination doing about persons personality, values, authorization, trustiness and intelligence.

This impacts the persons personal, professional and societal lives. Image direction is non merely about looking and experiencing good but it is pull offing ocular communicating.Image direction involves showing oneself in such a mode that one should be appropriate to his/her function at different occasions, one should ever pull off to remain reliable to project his/her existent personality and he/she should besides stay attractive to animate likability and the full exercising should be low-cost so that it can be maintained for a long clip period.

Image direction is a procedure of measuring and commanding the impact of your visual aspect on yourself and on others.Albert Mehrabian has proved that any communicating, any message in this universe is seven per centum verbal 38 per centum vocal and 55 per centum ocular other so facial looks remainder of the organic structure linguistic communication, vesture, preparing and etiquette are extra ocular elements.Pull offing an image holds the key to both an individual’s and company‘s success.

There are fundamentally two chief concern activities of an image adviser which includes personal consulting and corporate preparation.Every organisation has a corporate image. Without an image one can non work S what is corporate image? The corporate image is a dynamic and profound avowal of the nature, civilization and construction of an administration. In other words Acorporate imagerefers to how a concern is perceived. It is a by and large accepted image of what a company stands for.The corporate image comprises of all the ocular, verbal and behavioral elements that make up the administration.The direction of the corporate image should be of primary concern to the Board of the Directors, the CEO and the senior direction.

The corporate image most significantly communicates the organisation’s mission, the professionalism of its leading, the quality of its employees and its functions within the selling environment or political landscape.Corporate image should be decently managed because it helps in reflecting the degree of the organisation’s committedness to quality, excellence and relationships with its assorted components which includes current and possible clients, employees and future staff, rivals, spouses, regulating organic structures and general populace at big. corporate image is remains a concern country of every administration.

A weak or a strong corporate image can do a important difference in footings of a company’s gross revenues volume and its stock monetary value.

It will besides impact the marketability and acceptableness of the company’s merchandises, services and human resources.TEN COMMANDMENTS OF BUILDING A GOOD CORPORATE Image

  • Be Honest and Truthful
  • Believe in your Merchandise or Service, and Make Sure it Delivers
  • Be Proactive and Prepared
  • Be Respectful of Other People’s Time
  • KISS ( Keep it Simple, Silly )
  • Target Your Communications, and Make Them Two –way
  • Keep Informed
  • Know Your Tools
  • Measure Appropriately

The first measure in constructing the company’s image is to clearly understand and analyze the rival advantage in the market place, and so to craft 1s ain image around that advantage. Praseodymium can play a major function in constructing a positive perceptual experience about a company or an person..Much of the clip, organisational repute is based on the perceptual experience of its main executive For illustration the leader of an administration is the flag carrier of an administration.The company must hold a leader who is a individual of “ undisputed character, faultless repute and great expertness, ” or a PRO should seek to place the CEO to run into those demands.2.

3 CELEBRITY IMAGE MANAGEMENTImage of an organisation/individual plays an of import function and particularly celerity image plays an of import function in his/her popularity. In earlier times the yellow journalisms represented the biggest menace to a celebrity’s repute. Where else in the 21stcentury universe broad web can plays an effectual function in negative or positive poster of the image. It can travel viral within hours.

Thankss to the Internet, it turns out thereissuch a thing as bad promotion. There are instance of famous persons like Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey who became celebrated because of negative promotion.famous person direction industry helps in pull offing the professional lives of famous persons.Their work includes pull offing the professional lives of the famous persons and constructing their trade name image in the market.

Celebrities are passing a batch of money to elate their trade name image as the famous persons keep a path of the consumer and do a determination after detecting, comprehending and judging their image They even try to Judgess their credibleness excessively with the image already built in the media.Under famous person direction, the undertaking of image direction covers taking attention of their lives, their frock codification, their behavioral projections, statement in the market/press, public visual aspects etc. All efforts are made to raise or alter the perceptual experience or image of an individuality in the public consciousness. An Image and famous person direction company manages the professional lives of the famous persons in a mode so as to reflect the trade name they are stand foring and frailty versa.

Celebrity PRrefers to the media direction of high profile personalities such as histrions /sportsperson, musicians etc. Following facets should be kept in head while making famous person PR:Profile RaisingProfile elevation is done to raise the profiles of the famous person clients and their concerns and secondly to make strong relationships with cardinal media mercantile establishments. Profiling helps the PR personal to procure extended high-end coverage across the national and international mediaCelebrity EndorsementWhen famous person endorse a merchandise it means that the famous person will go its embassador.The trade name consciousness will be created by the famous person and famous person indorsement will go a portion of a strategic run.Narrative BrokeringThe famous person section should hold huge sums of experience in brokering narratives in exchange for top media fees. Celebrity creates narratives and famous person section should maintain a path of the media which can print or demo a positive narrative in the media.

The section should cognize the background of the journalist and the worth of the narrative, the section will besides finalise the media mercantile establishment to flip it to. Regular blessing to obtain transcript, headline and image signifier clients, peculiarly if the capable affair is sensitive is indispensable.Crisis and Reputation ManagementCelebrities remain in spotlight all the clip even if they undergo any personal or professional crises media is at that place to foreground it. Here comes the work of famous person director.

He/ She non merely give advice to the clients in times of a media crisis but besides understand the media and carry contacts who can seek to halt a narrative from being printed hence understating the impact of negative coverage. The director will besides assist the famous person to turn the state of affairs about so the repute and concern remains integral.2.4Assignments2.4.1Class Assignment

  1. Name any two celebrated PR consultancies in India
  2. What do you understand by crisis direction?


2Home Assignments

  1. What is the importance of image direction?
  2. What are the advantages of engaging a PR Consultant?

2.5Terminal Questions

  1. What is the importance of PR consultancy? Draw the advantages and disadvantages of engaging a PR consultancy
  2. What is the demand of image direction? Explain
  3. Write short notes on the followers:
  • Corporate image
  • Celebrity image
  • Crisis direction
  • Describe PR consultancy and its function
  • Justify the demand for image direction
  • Identify factors which help in image edifice

2.6Summarizing UpThis lesson has highlighted the function of PR consultancy in today’s globalized universe it has besides presented another of import facet of PR is corporate image.

Corporate image which is the sum sum of feelings and perceptual experiences carried by assorted people about the administration. Corporate public dealingss activity involves planning, transporting out and implementing such communicating schemes which will heighten the repute and the image of the administration.2.7Suggested Further ReadingsApplied Public Relations and Communication –K.R.

Balan ( Sultan Chand & A ; Sons )Management of Public Relation and Communication –Sailesh Sengupta ( Vikas Publication House Ltd )Public Relations for all – G.K Puri ( IIMS Publications )2.8Keywords

  1. Corporate civilization:Unwritten set of values and regulations within an administration that govern the behavior of those belonging to it, and associated with it.
  2. Political campaign:An organized attempt to canvass, explicate or change the sentiment of any group or groups on a selected topic.
  3. Celebrity PR:refers to the media direction of high profile personalities such as histrions and instrumentalists.

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