Powerful and values that can enable the

Powerful leadership is more than basically giving ideas and direction. It requires vision, joint effort, planning and practice.

What’s more, this all requires some time investment and hard work. The great leaders always have a clear understanding of how they’re perceived the goal, this knowledge will help the leader to communicate with the group/team and understand what aspects leader must deal on to manage the things, tasks more effectively. Every time a leader is to work with followers to set objectives with achievable goals along the way.                           Leadership is both an art and a science. It is an art, since leadership is changes form, requires innovativeness and must be adaptive. A great leader knows when the time has come to change structure of plan because he/she is exceptionally attentive to everyone around him.

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It is a science because its requires certain standards, strategies, techniques. Leaders need to start strategic discussions that get individuals talking’s over the boundaries about the target, key strategic plans and values that can enable the group to accomplish the desired goal. Leadership is combination of rational, emotional thinking, it deals with being responsible for one’s self by having the ability to control his/her mind and points of view to think before talk, act, or proceed to any given circumstance. Emotional leadership supports sense of flexibility which can make one to become free in their thinking.       In My previous work place, I was the lead for the team.

I am a cheerful person at work but initially most of my colleagues are unhappy because a large portion of them essentially connect with unplanned work. I always tells my team to stay organized and follow the schedule which I came up to manage the project. This way I controlled our work pressure and with the team coordination and clear communication we have delivered our project on time.


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