Power of Music Essay

Most people in this world are exposed to music. Music reflects human’s feelings very well; therefore, the music deeply touch people’s heart. The constant contact with music gives many effects on people, and it is used in many different ways. Music affects business such as customers, shoppers and employees; it physically and emotionally affects people.

First, music is used in many businesses for its customer, shoppers and employees. Different music is used by different types of businesses.Many finance companies that deals with customer everyday tend to have Therapy music to reduce psychological stress of customers while they withdraw or do payment.

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Most Casinos have gentle classic music that is not famous because this type of music allows the customers to focus on their games. As you can see, music marketing is a strategy that reads customers’ minds and opens their wallet. Music isn’t only used for the customers but the employees. Some stores often use certain music to secretly spread important message to their employees.For instance, if there is a high executive inspecting the stores, they play certain music to inform their workers. Music physical affects people especially when they do exercises.

While the people workout or run,. The music disperse people’s mind which decreases tiredness or physical pain they feel. Also, the people get better results in exercises when they are exposed to their favourite music. According to the recent experiment, the people run more when they listen to their favourite music. The people who listened to their favourite music ran about 9. km; however, the people who listened to music they dislike ran about 7. 7km.

Most of them preferred fast tempo music while they were running; the fast tempo music increases the heartbeat so it allows people to do intense run. Last, music mentally, emotionally affects people. It is definitely a fact that people’s mind or emotion changes while they are listening to music; thus, music marketing companies such as Muzak and all the film makers become successful by choosing the best music that effectively forms feelings to the people.To sum up, music has a incredible power which affects people physically and emotionally.

Also, it is used in many different ways such as music marketing or advertisement. Even though there are still many researches and experiments about the way music affecting people, there is no exact report that states the effect of music on people; however, it clear that the music affects people more in positive way. The link between the music and life of human will not come apart unless the human disappear.


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