Positive Behaviour Essay

As a worker I have been asked to describe the policies and procedures of my setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. Behaviour Policy This policy outlines the expectations of all behaviour, how to deal with the challenges staff come across and the steps we should take in dealing with any given situation. Code of conduct It is very important to behave in a way that promotes positive behaviour modeling how we want children to behave therefore all staff- should not shout, should listen when a child is speaking, should act calmly, fairly and reasonably when dealing with any given situation.Rewards and sanctions Sanctions and rewards are a very useful way to manage positive behaviour as a child learns that if they are well behaved he/she will receive a reward such as a sticker, certificate or award etc. They also know that if a rule is broken there will be a consequence no matter how big or how small, such as time out- time off rewards, staying in with staff and time off the playground. It is the ‘certainty’ of the sanction not the ‘severity’ that makes it so effective. AttendanceAttendance is very important as it affects the amount of education you receive therefore the child will not achieve to their full potential if their attendance is low.

If a child struggles in school this often leads to poor self esteem and can affect them in their social and emotional development. The minimum attendance that the average child should have is 95%. If a child falls below this mark a letter will be sent out to their parents letting them know the importance of attendance in school. If a child falls below 50% the local authority may have to be called and further action taken.

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Dealing with conflict, inappropriate behaviour and bullying. There are many ways to deal with this type of behaviour but detentions are usually the most effective. These are given when a child is purposely disrespectful, have physical interaction with another child, are unsafe or damage school property.

The level of detention depends of the severity of the behaviour and will be a 1, 3 or 5 day detention. It is vital that children displaying this type of behaviour are shown that it is not accepted by all staff members.It is down to the teacher to decide upon which punishment should be put into force and to discuss with appropriate staff members whether further action should be taken – for example if they are bullying another child. If this is the case the matter would be investigated thoroughly and both victim and bully interviewed separately. There would then have to be an arranged meeting with parents to discuss further options or referrals and possible exclusions.

The timescale for resolving an incident of bullying is 5 days.


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