Population Although there are regions where population

Population is the number of inhabitants (in our case, human) in aspecific region (Dictonary.

com 2018) . Global population is now about 7.4  billion and we should remember that despitethe fact that world is unevenly distributed, every minute the population isgrowing. Although there are regions where population decline or change instructure caused by the births, deaths and migration. Population will decline ifdeath rate is greater than birth rateand will increase if death rate is less thanbirth rate.(BBC 2014). Human population change is thedifference between the size of the population from the beginning to the end ofa certain time period. In other words, population change refers to change in the number of people during aspecific time period (Wikipedia 2014).

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There are both positive and negativeconsequences of population changes. To positive consequences, could be countedincrease of innovation in growing regions. What is more if the populationgrowth, education and medicine develops so that society becomes healthier. Thereare also lots of negative consequences such as political conflicts or airpollution.Water has very important rolein our life’s and there is no organism in the world that does not need water that’swhy water scarcity is one of the negative consequences of population change. Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available freshwater resources to meet water demand. (Wikipedia2018). There are two types of water scarcity: economic and physical.

Physical Water Scarcity: Where the demand for water is greater than the supplyof water. Physical water scarcity does not have to be an arid environment,because there demand for water in arid environments (deserts) is not normallylow meaning that there is no shortage. Economic Water Scarcity: Where there is water available, but for some economicreason it is not possible to fully utilize the source of water. This mightbecause extraction or transportation costs are too high, or because the wateris polluted and it is not possible to treat it. (Greenfieldgeography 2018)Yemen is a Middle Eastern country that’s currentlyexperiencing political and national strife. When turmoil brews, resources areoften brought to a halt. Certain parts of this country are run by terroristgroups, making it difficult for citizens to get the aid they desperately need.One of these scarce resources is water, as Yemen’s geographical layout doesn’tyield many natural sources.

As a result, it uses aid and other sources forsupport. However, the current state of the country prevents these resourcesfrom reaching the hands that need it most. According to UPI, Yemen’s capital,Sanaa, is expected to be the first major city in the world to experience fullwater scarcity.The country of Jordan is located in one of the driestregions in the Middle East, meaning that water isn’t exactly easy to come by.However, their neighbors are no better off – many countries that surroundJordan also experience water scarcity. As a result, Jordan often turns to itstwo natural resources: the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

However, it costsmoney and time to convert salt water to fresh water, and Jordan doesn’t have alot of those resources, considering its economic and political state. Thecountry’s population is also continually growing and those two resources are evaporatingmore and more, leaving Jordan with very few options(The university of Arizona 2016). Reference list:o   Stephen, C.(2017) Our changing planet: Changing population and placeso   Dictionary.com.(2018) Definition:  population.

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