Polygamy Essay Research Paper What exactly do

Polygamy Essay, Research Paper

What precisely do you intend by & # 8220 ; polygamy & # 8221 ; ?

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& # 8220 ; Polygamy & # 8221 ; , as referred to on this site, is meant in its popular use, where one hubby has more than one married woman at the same clip. This is technically known as & # 8220 ; polygyny & # 8221 ; , but you would hold to be truly acute to cognize that. On this site & # 8220 ; Polygamy & # 8221 ; does non mention to & # 8220 ; polyandry & # 8221 ; , where one married woman has more than one hubby at one time. That is a pattern which has ne’er been prevailing in human societies and which major universe faiths condemn. It is besides a pattern that the site decision maker feels personally unable to back up.

But certainly polygamy is illegal!

Ah yes, good spotted! It is illegal, if you are the kind of academic individual who insists on registering all their matrimonies in the standard legally-binding kind of manner. However, if you & # 8217 ; ve decided to be a polygamist and set Multiple Marriage into pattern, so you & # 8217 ; re barely the kind of individual to allow societal conventions about registering matrimonies get in the manner. You can hold a absolutely pleasant and happy matrimony without the boring demand for spots of parchment. And you can hold a better matrimony than provided for by modern provinces, because subscribing up to their position of matrimony agencies subscribing up to their position of divorce. Proper Polygamists don & # 8217 ; t see such a large demand for divorce. If you want to get down a new matrimony, that & # 8217 ; s all right, but you shouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have to bust up an bing matrimony to make it.

In fact, to be perfectly accurate, it is bigamy which is frequently illegal. Bigamy is the condemnable offense of registering a 2nd matrimony when a first matrimony is still recognised. Polygamy can be practiced without interrupting the jurisprudence merely by registering no more than one of the matrimonies.

Where bigamy is illegal, polygamy can frequently be legitimately practiced.

But shouldn & # 8217 ; t it be illegal?

Yes & # 8211 ; registering multiple matrimony in today & # 8217 ; s society should be illegal, every bit long as people have the apprehension that matrimonies are monogamous. If people break the jurisprudence, so they deserve to be punished, for frequently they are lead oning the province, and besides lead oning their married womans. Brides should understand they are come ining a polygamous province. But if they understand that, and if they don & # 8217 ; t interrupt the jurisprudence by registering the matrimony, so they can be polygamists with a clear scruples.

Practical Aspects of Polygamy

Here are a few words on the benefits polygamy has for adult females and the controls it places on work forces.


Automatic child care in a sexist society gives adult females more effectual pick to hold a calling without devaluating the function of housewife.

Bing able to get married work forces who are already married agencies that adult females can get married work forces who have already proved themselves, hence understating their hazard.

Bing able to get married the work forces who attract most adult females means they don & # 8217 ; Ts have to settle merely for what & # 8217 ; s left after other adult females have the best takings.

Having the possibility that a hubby can remarry without divorce extends practical security to a adult female. She needn & # 8217 ; t worry about losing her hubby and income as she loses her looks, because if her hubby is attracted by a younger adult female, he doesn & # 8217 ; t even have to believe about go forthing his married woman.

Polygamy removes the force per unit area on a hubby to perpetrate criminal conversation, and removes damaging fraudulence from a matrimony.

Polygamy provides a method where a adult female can hold a female friend for life every bit good as a hubby.

Polygamy hence provides more people and a better opportunity of run intoing diverse demands.

Polygamy provides a possible for at least three grownup incomes, cut downing province addiction and the fright of unemployment.


If a adult male wants to hold another sexual spouse in a polygamous system so he has to run into his duties & # 8211 ; pay for any kids produced from all his relationships without precedence being given to those from a & # 8216 ; legal & # 8217 ; relationship.

Polygamy removes or reduces the seduction of guiltless immature adult females & # 8211 ; If a adult male promises to get married her, he can non utilize his bing matrimony as an alibi for non carry throughing a promise.

Polygamy reduces the figure of adult females who are available. Currently, with more adult females than work forces, this & # 8216 ; cheapens & # 8217 ; adult females. With less adult females available their & # 8216 ; value & # 8217 ; goes up. In other words, polygamy makes work forces have to seek harder and make better with adult females if they are to win them in competition with other work forces.

Should a adult female be allowed two hubbies?

If non, why non?

This site teaches that polygamy is a morally acceptable life style. But we use & # 8220 ; polygamy & # 8221 ; in its

popular sense of a adult male holding a figure of married womans. We do non back up group matrimony,

promiscuousness or & # 8220 ; polyandry & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; that pattern where a adult female has more than one hubby.

There are a figure of grounds why.

For Christians: –

The first and most basic ground is that God made it that manner. The remainder of the stuff on this site

shows that God allows work forces to hold more than one married woman & # 8211 ; The Bible shows that a adult female can merely

hold one hubby life at one time.

& # 8220 ; So so if, while her hubby is populating she

marries another adult male, she shall be called

an fornicatress, but if her hubby has

died, she is free from that jurisprudence, so that she

is non an fornicatress, even though she

marries another man. & # 8221 ;

Romans Chapter 7 V 3

This poetry stops adult females from holding more than one hubby life at any one clip. It does non

halt work forces from holding more than one married woman because foremost, it rather merely doesn & # 8217 ; Ts say it, and

secondly, it is clearly non a general rule which applies regardless of sex. That can be seen in

the immediate context. The ground the Bible gives is that a adult female is under the jurisprudence of her hubby

until he dies. While the Bible does speak of matrimony spouses holding authorization over each other & # 8217 ; s

organic structures, it ne’er negotiations of a adult male being under the jurisprudence of his married woman. In fact, it legion places the Bible

indicates that that would be unbearable, such as 1 Timothy 2 V 12 & # 8220 ; I do non let a adult female to

Teach or to usurp authorization over the adult male & # 8221 ; .

In fact, Romans 7 makes this clear. The transition is comparing the adult female to the person

truster, being dead to the jurisprudence of Moses so that they can be married to Christ and be under his

jurisprudence. Now it would be inappropriate to state that Christ was under the jurisprudence of the truster. And in

the same manner it is inappropriate to state that a hubby is under the jurisprudence of his married woman. And because of

that it is clear that the limitation in Romans 7 of a adult female to one hubby can non be transformed

into a limitation of a adult male to merely one married woman.

The 2nd ground is related to the first through God & # 8217 ; s system of leading. 1 Cor 11 shows that

this is: –

God is the caput of Jesus

Jesus is the caput of adult male

Man is the caput of adult female.

This would be defined by our society as male chauvinist. The Bible clearly dainties work forces and adult females otherwise

– so does God & # 8211 ; otherwise I would be able to hold babes excessively! !

The order does non mean inequality. The Bible Teachs that Christ is God merely every bit much as the

Father. They are co-equal but have different functions.

Obviously, adult male is non equal to Christ & # 8211 ; so the transition does let for inequality.

But when we return to adult male and adult female we can see that they are equal, possibly in the same manner

that the Father and Christ are equal.

But equality does non intend they are precisely the same or have the same rights and duties.

Therefore the adult male is the caput of adult female & # 8211 ; he takes the lead. The Scriptures show that the adult male must

love his married womans and evidently this will impact his determinations.

In instance you think I am now speaking about a different topic, here is the punchline & # 8211 ; & # 8220 ; no adult male can

function two Masterss & # 8221 ; .

Christian instruction is that you can non follow different leaders & # 8211 ; you will detest one and love another.

So it is in matrimony. A adult female can non hold two hubbies because she can non follow two leaders.

A adult male can hold two married womans because it is absolutely possible to take more than one individual.

This can be seen in the phrase in 1 Corinthians 7v2 which many monogynists quote out of context

– & # 8220 ; Let every adult male hold his ain married woman, and allow every adult female have her ain husband. & # 8221 ;

The words for & # 8220 ; his ain & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; her ain & # 8221 ; in this poetry are different, and it is non merely a gender

difference. This is what we would anticipate if the manner in which they are the other & # 8217 ; s ain differs

harmonizing to gender. If you check the word for & # 8220 ; her ain & # 8221 ; and look up Romans 14, you will see it

is the same word used there of a retainer and & # 8220 ; his ain maestro & # 8221 ; .

This shows that, if Paul had believed in monogamousness, he could hold used the same word for both

sexes in 1 Corinthians 7. But he didn & # 8217 ; T.

It besides means that a adult female has her ain hubby in the same manner that a retainer has his ain

maestro. Just as a maestro can hold more than one retainer, so a hubby can hold more than one

married woman, and in the same manner as a retainer can merely hold one maestro, so a married woman can merely hold one


For Everyone: –

Anything beyond what the Bible Teachs is guess. You can read on and see my

guess if you wish, but it is still guess. My credence of polygyny and rejection of

polyandry is based on my belief in the infallibility of the Bible & # 8211 ; and I would promote you to establish

your beliefs on the Bible and non on my guess.

So, here goes & # 8230 ;

1.The first thing to observe is that polyandry is really rare & # 8211 ; to the extent of being a monster of nature

& # 8211 ; the huge bulk of societies which allow polygamy allow it for work forces and non for adult females. I

make non cognize of anyplace where the two systems run together & # 8211 ; it has the potency to acquire

horrendously confounding if it does. It is likely to be more than merely opportunity which makes this

the instance.

2.A adult female ever knows whether a babe is her babe. A adult male doesn & # 8217 ; t & # 8211 ; unless he knows that

the adult female was merely kiping with him. To continue the bond between parents and

kids, adult females can non hold more than one spouse of the opposite sex. Work force can. If a adult male

suspects he is paying for a kid who is non his he may desire to go forth. If a adult male wants to

leave, in a polyandrous state of affairs he can ever deny duty for the kids in the

relationship. This leaves the household at hazard. Practically talking we know that work forces tend

towards supplying for the household & # 8211 ; polyandry greatly increases the hazard that the household will

interrupt apart and everyone will be poorer.

3.There are more adult females of nubile age in the universe than there are work forces. This means

that many adult females who want to get married can non, because of the sheer weight of Numberss. For

more item on this see the & # 8220 ; Vital Statistics & # 8221 ; portion of this site. Polyandry makes this job

worse. Polygamy can take the job all together.

4.According to prima economic experts, the job should be thought if in footings of demand and

supply. When work forces are allowed more than one married woman, there is all of a sudden an addition in

demand for adult females ( as married work forces can be legitimate chances every bit good as individual work forces ) .

This means that their & # 8220 ; monetary value & # 8221 ; ( what a adult male is willing to make for them to acquire and maintain them )

goes up. Similarly there is a lessening in demand for work forces ( as adult females who may hold

married them now have a far wider pick ) . This means that their & # 8220 ; monetary value & # 8221 ; ( what a adult female is

willing to make for them to acquire and maintain them ) goes down. So & # 8211 ; harmonizing to taking

economic experts, if a adult male is allowed more than one married woman the state of affairs for all adult females is improved

& # 8211 ; they have more done for them, and wear & # 8217 ; Ts have to make every bit much, but if adult females were allowed

more than one conserve their state of affairs would be much worse & # 8211 ; they would hold to make a

great trade to acquire a adult male, and he would hold to make even less than he does now. Put merely,

economic sciences Teachs that when work forces have more married womans it is better for adult females, and that when

adult females have more hubbies it is worse for adult females. This combines with the instability in

Numberss of work forces and adult females to intend that polyandry and compulory monogamousnesss are both

bad for adult females.

5.It has been suggested by some that adult females are of course monogamous and that work forces are

of course polygamous. From the point of view of natural choice, work forces have more to derive from

multiple spouses because they can hold more kids and propogate their cistrons, but

adult females can at the most merely be pregnant one time every nine months, and the figure of

spouses they have does nil to alter this. Indeed, some life scientists now adopt theories

on reproduction which take history of sperm competition & # 8211 ; whereby apparently extra

sperm prevarication in delay to forestall sperm from another spouse fertilizing an egg. There is no similar

response in the female. The natural order seems to continue the thought of adult females holding one


6.Many who do non accept Christianity would still accept the basic point that leading

tends to be male. This means they can accept the basic logic of the Christian leading

statement & # 8211 ; that a household needs merely one leader and that two leaders is non feasible.

7.There is more to come & # 8211 ; I merely haven & # 8217 ; T had opportunity to compose it yet.

Critical Statisticss about Polygamy

An electronic mail to this page alleged & # 8220 ; in the western universe, there are hardly more adult females than

work forces ; it is basically 50/50 & # 8243 ; . Such a position is untrue and deceptive. The answer is printed

below so that people may be able to appreciate the negative side of implemented monogamousness.

You can non hold it both ways & # 8211 ; it is either equal or there is a excess. There is no manner a excess is

& # 8216 ; basically & # 8217 ; 50/50. The truth is that the size of the extra varies from state to state. Left on

its ain there is a statistically important surplus of adult females. The excess is really greater than a

first scrutiny of statistics will demo & # 8211 ; as an surplus of immature male childs is rapidly turned into a

excess of females due to differential mortality rates.

For your information, my scrutiny of the official statistics for 1994 in the United Kingdom

shows that a population of 58.4 million people breaks down into 28.6 million males and 29.8

million females. In other words there were 1.2 million more females than males in the United

Kingdom at this clip. That represents a male: female split of 49:51 ( with the male ratio rounded

UP to 49 ) .

If you merely count those above nubile age ( which is reasonable when you are speaking about

matrimony ) there are 22.31 million males and 23.84 million females. That is a excess of 1.53 million

females. The ratio is so 48.34 males to 51.66 females & # 8211 ; closer to a 48:52 ratio.

This introduces competition when work forces are restricted to one married woman. Any excess combined tungsten


monogamousness has a inclination to increase the size of the effectual excess. It goes like this & # 8230 ;

If the Numberss are 49:51 that means that there is a 2 per cent excess. This means that 4.08 per

cent of the female population can non get married if they want to. ( Harmonizing to the British figures it is

really 6.41 per cent of adult females above the legal age of matrimony ) . If they are determined it means

they have to happen a married adult male and separate him from his married woman. Otherwise, in their competition

with other individual adult females they merely have to offer a better trade & # 8211 ; which may frequently merely intend sex

without matrimony. Other adult females will merely play the game otherwise & # 8211 ; instead than matrimony they will

happen another manner of obtaining support from work forces & # 8211 ; harlotry.

This means that, in an allegedly monogamous society, work forces do non hold to get married to acquire sex, or

even female company. They can hold cocottes from the surplus of adult females. They can hold

insouciant sex with the viing individual adult females, and if they do acquire married they needn & # 8217 ; t be faithful

because they still remain the mark of that 4.08 per cent ( or higher ) of the female population who

are forced to be individual.

Therefore, if a adult male does non necessitate matrimony for sex he is less inclined to acquire married & # 8211 ; so the fact

of an insistance on monogamousness plants against itself. Men don & # 8217 ; t need to acquire married & # 8211 ; they can transport

on being individual & # 8211 ; and this means that less work forces are in fact available for matrimony. This in bend agencies

that an even greater subdivision of the female population can non acquire married, and hence faces the

pick between fornication, criminal conversation or harlotry, and so the barbarous circle continues.

And to these facts must be added a twosome of other variable factors. First, the excess of adult females

additions as they get older. But, in general, adult females tend to get married work forces somewhat older than

themselves & # 8211 ; normally around 2-4 old ages older on norm. Thus, even if their ain age cohort has a

49:51 split, the market that they are in is likely to be a 48:52 split. In such an illustration, 8.33 per

cent of adult females can non acquire married, without the excess complicating characteristics. And when they try

their ain age or younger work forces they are viing against younger, more attractive, more fertile,

adult females.

Second, the figures are complicated by the & # 8216 ; feelings & # 8217 ; that the facts create. A important

surplus of adult females over the figure of desirable work forces puts them into competition even before they

are of nubile age. Once that has happened, the existent figures do non state the whole narrative, as

the procedure has a moral force of its ain.

Further figures show a higher rate of both matrimony and cohabitation by work forces. These show that: –

32 per cent of 22.31 million work forces are without spouse ( i.e. 7,139,200 approx )

39 per cent of 23.84 million adult females are without a spouse ( i.e. 9,297,600 approx )

Giving a excess of 2,158,400 adult females, or 9.05 per cent of the female population above

nubile age and 23.2 per cent of adult females who are old plenty to hold a spouse but

make non in fact have one.

The bare figures hence show that while the general population follows a 49:51 ratio, this plants

out at over 9 per cent of all grownup adult females and about a one-fourth of individual grownup adult females who can non

marry in a monogamous society.

By the agencies outlined above a apparently little surplus of adult females can hold a big consequence on

society. The handiness of polygamy plants against this & # 8211 ; and so it is unsurprising to observe that

polygamous societies have historically had lower rates of fornication, criminal conversation, harlotry and

abortion than our ain.

Polygamy was a manner of life until the Quran was revealed 1400 old ages ago.

When the Earth was immature and under-populated, polygamy was one manner of

dwelling it and conveying in the human existences needed to transport out God & # 8217 ; s

program. By the clip the Quran was revealed, the universe had been sufficiently

populated, and the Quran put down the first restrictions against polygamy.

Polygamy is permitted in the Quran, but under purely observed

fortunes. Any maltreatment of this godly permission incurs terrible requital.

Therefore, although polygamy is permitted by God, it behooves us to analyze our

fortunes carefully before stating that a peculiar polygamous

relationship is allowable.

Our perfect illustration here is the prophesier Muhammad. He was married to one

married woman, Khadijah, until she died. He had all his kids, except one, from

Khadijah. Therefore, she and her kids enjoyed the Prophet & # 8217 ; s full attending for

every bit long as she was married to him ; 25 old ages. For all practical

intents, Muhammad had one married woman & # 8211 ; from the age of 25 to 50. During the

staying 13 old ages of his life, he married the elderly widows of his friends who

left many kids. The kids needed a complete place, with a fatherlike

figure, and the Prophet provided that. Supplying a fatherlike figure for orphans

is the lone specific circumstance in support of polygamy mentioned in the

Quran ( 4:3 ) .

Other than get marrieding widowed female parents of orphans, there were three political

matrimonies in the Prophet & # 8217 ; s life. His close friends Abu Bakr and Omar insisted

that he get married their girls, Aisha and Hafsah, to set up traditional household

ties among them. The 3rd matrimony was to Maria the Egyptian ; she was

given to him as a political gesture of friendly relationship from the swayer of Egypt.

This perfect illustration Tells us that a adult male must give his full attending and

trueness in matrimony to his married woman and kids in order to raise a happy and

wholesome household.

The Quran emphasizes the restrictions against polygamy in really strong words:

& # 8220 ; If you fear lest you may non be absolutely just in handling more than one

married woman, so you shall be content with one. & # 8221 ; ( 4:3 )

& # 8220 ; You can non be just in a polygamous relationship, no affair how hard you

try. & # 8221 ; ( 4:129 )

The Quranic restrictions against polygamy point out the possibility of mistreating

God & # 8217 ; s jurisprudence. Therefore, unless we are perfectly certain that God & # 8217 ; s jurisprudence will non be

abused, we had better defy our lecherousness and remain off from polygamy. If the

fortunes do non order polygamy, we had better give our full attending

to one married woman and one set of kids. The kids & # 8217 ; s psychological and societal

wellbeing, particularly in states where polygamy is prohibited, about

constantly dictate monogamousness. A few basic standards must be observed in

contemplating polygamy:

1. It must relieve hurting and agony and non do any hurting or agony.

2. If you have a immature household, it is about certain that polygamy is an maltreatment.

3. Polygamy to replace a younger married woman is an maltreatment of God & # 8217 ; s jurisprudence ( 4:19 ) . Polygamy in Jewish History

The Bible, in digesting polygamy, gives grounds that the pattern had long been an accepted societal

establishment when these Torahs were written down. In the patriarchal age polygamy is regarded as an

undisputed usage. While the Bible gives a ground for the action of Abraham in taking Hagar for

an extra married woman and, in the instance of Jacob, for holding Rachel as a married woman besides Leah, it merely proves

that polygamy every bit good as concubinage, with which it was ever associated, was among the mores

of the ancient Hebrew people ( Gen. 16:1-4 ; 29:23-28 ) . The same attitude is revealed in the episode

of Abimelech and Sarah ( Gen. 20:1-l3 ) .

Polygamy was such a well established portion of the societal system that Mosaic jurisprudence is non even critical

of it. We find merely certain ordinances with regard to it ; as, for illustration, if a adult male takes a 2nd

married woman the economic place of the first married woman and of the kids she bore must be secure ; and, in the

instance of heritage, no kid of a subsequent matrimony is to be preferred over a kid from the first

married woman. Other ordinances were that the high priest could hold merely one married woman and that a male monarch in Israel

should non hold excessively many married womans ( Lev. 21:13 ; Deut. 17:17 ; Ex. 21:10 ) . The last injunction, nevertheless,

was of no consequence. David had seven married womans before he began to reign in Jerusalem, and an

extraordinary figure of married womans and courtesans has been attributed to Solomon ( II Sam 3:2-5, 14 ;

5:13 ) . In connexion with David, the prophesier Nathan did non denounce the male monarch for adding Uriah & # 8217 ; s

married woman to those he already had but for the agencies he employed to procure her ( II Sam. 12:7-15 ) .

However, if polygamy was non out it was non straight sanctioned. It was a heritage from the

yesteryear and it was left undisturbed. As the civilisation of the people reached a higher signifier and,

particularly under the instruction of the Prophetss, their moral and spiritual consciousness developed, the

polygamous system bit by bit declined. This is noticeable in Israel after the return from the Exile. In

the Second Commonwealth polygamy is far from general ( californium. Tobit and Susanna ) . Yet it survived

far into the Christian epoch. In the New Testament Jesus neither condemns polygamous brotherhoods nor

advocators a alteration in the system. From this noninterference attitude Luther, every bit tardily as the 16th

cent. , arrived at the decision that he could non prohibit the pickings of more than one married woman.

Harmonizing to the Talmud the right to a plurality of married womans is conceded, but the figure of legitimate

married womans, as in the Koran, is limited to four. The pickings of extra married womans is held as sufficient land

for divorce for a adult female who had antecedently been the exclusive married woman. Where a polygamous brotherhood exists,

proviso must be made for equal care of each married woman every bit good as a separate legal residence.

Throughout the Talmudic age non one rabbi is known to hold had more than one married woman. Monogamy

was held to be the lone ideal legal brotherhood ; plurality of married womans was a grant to clip and status.

At a ulterior period Maimonides in his Mishneh Torah maintains, contrary to his personal sentiment, that

polygamous brotherhoods from a purely legal point of position are allowable. Finally, nevertheless, they

were proscribed under the authorization of Rabbi Gershom ( about l000 ) , although instances of polygamy

were found in Spain every bit tardily as the 14th cent. That such instances were non rare may be inferred from

the fact that in the Spanish communities the Kethubah, the papers taging the engagement, exacted

that the adult male was non to take a 2nd married woman. The Islamic influence on the Jews in Spain was more

or less marked until the ejection at the terminal of the fifteenth cent.

In modern Europe polygamy disappeared from Jewish domestic life while among Christians it

remained a tolerated privilege of royalty until really late times. In the declaration against polygamy of

the Sanhedrin convoked by Napoleon in Paris, in 1805, there is no deduction that modern Judaism

tolerated plural matrimonies. It was merely an emphasized averment that Jews had discarded the Orientalism

of the past and were in full agreement with the civilization and civilisation of Western Europe.

To Find True Love:

On the full Moon, have ready a love incense ( such as rose

or musk ) and a pink taper. If possible, travel outside and

look up at the Moon, keeping the taper in your power

manus. Keep the taper up towards the Moon and state the

Goddess what traits you would wish in a lover, and most

significantly, that you do desire a lover. Don & # 8217 ; t use a particular

individual & # 8217 ; s name ; THIS IS CONTROL AND ISN & # 8217 ; T ETHICAL!

Back indoors, make a small communion table by distributing out a pink

and white fabric. Light your love incense. You might desire

to play some soft or romantic music. Sit before the communion table

and think of the traits you want in a lover. Don & # 8217 ; t visualise

a specific individual!

Take the pink taper and lightly rub or carve & # 8220 ; true

love & # 8221 ; along one side of it. Put the pink taper in a sturdy,

fireproof holder, and light it.


Moon of love and reflecting grace

I would see my lover face to face.

Heart to bosom I long to be

With the particular person meant for me.

Leave the taper in a safe topographic point to fire out wholly,

sooner on the communion table.


This enchantment is decidedly non ethical, but it is really effectual. Remember that thaumaturgy is a bipartisan street, and that

you will be every bit bound. Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and fire them inside a charming circle as

you recite the enchantment. Add faux pass of paper with your names written on them if you have problem acquiring the roses

to fire.


By all that lives on land and sea

by the entrance and the outgoing

by the uneven Numberss and the even

by the power of three times three

thy waking ideas shall be of me

from now throughout infinity

no peace or increase shall you happen

until your manus is joined in mine

I bind thee bosom and psyche and head to me

I bind thee eyes and ideas and loins to me

I bind thee to me forever

with cords of velvet yearning

by the white rose and the Rosmarinus officinalis

by the caverns and the Grovess

by the silence of the mountains

by the chasms and the standing rocks

I bind thee everlastingly to me

with cords of satiny danger

Isis, Astarte, Ishtar

Aphrodite, Venus

I bind thee to me forever

so mote it be




There are two sorts of brotherhood. One is impermanent, for this life-time or for portion of this life-time. The other sort

is the Ageless Marriage, which brings reunion across clip, through reincarnation. The Ageless Marriage is

a psyche mate thing that should non be undertaken lightly & # 8211 ; doing it with the incorrect individual can adversely

impact your karma. So can doing it without reciprocation. Making it with more than one individual can do

for a disruptive love life in future embodiments. Be careful.

To work the enchantment, compose both names on a piece of papyrus or good quality paper. Bind it with ruddy yarn and

burn it with herbs of Love or Venus as you recite the enchantment. Bury the ashes beneath a tree, or disperse them

near the pyramids in Egypt. It is an Arab adage that & # 8216 ; clip laughs at history, but the pyramids laugh at

clip & # 8217 ; . This is an ageless enchantment, unless you alter it. It can besides be used for manus


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