Pollution charged a huge sum of money

Pollution is the word used when a toxin is exposed to the natural environment. These toxins can harm, infect, and possibly kill all those within its range. The main types of pollution are air pollution and water pollution. Water pollution occurs when chemicals are leaked into a river, ocean, or waterway and intoxicate the area’s water. Air pollution is when unhealthy, or even deadly gases are released into the air. ┬áPollution could even be as simple as missing the trash can when outside.

The trash won’t degrade into the soil, and can get stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong. Abandoned trash such as this can even harm an animal or two. I chose to write this essay because of pollution, the villain of our world and continues to destroy habitat after habitat. It sickens and harms both people and animals all over the world. ┬áBy informing readers about the effects of pollution, I can encourage people to begin to take action against pollution. An example of just how horrid effects pollution can cause is the Camelford poisoning. The Camelford poisoning incident was a catastrophic accident caused by the misplacement of aluminum sulfate.

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Normally, it was used to filter the water that flowed into north Cornwall in Britain, but when John Stephens accidentally filled up the wrong container with the aluminum sulfate due to an error in communication, the entire community suffered. Water coming from sinks turned black, it made people’s hair stick together after a shower, it stuck to the skin and was hard to remove. The effects were drastic and lead to a variety of sicknesses that filled the homes of many.

People began to experience long-lasting effects and suffered dearly. The incident was eventually brought to court in the year 1991. SWWA, the company in charge of this catastrophe, was charged a huge sum of money for the damages and long-lasting effects of the water contamination. Carol Cross, one of the victims of this horrific incident, was diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological disease.

About fifteen years later, she died at the age of 59. After some studies, scientists concluded that the disease was due to the Camelford contamination. At age 44, she was intoxicated with the aluminum sulfate and began to suffer the effects of it. For the rest of her life, she had to deal with the consequences of this unfortunate event.

This is just one example of many that prove just how alarming pollution to our world is.While this accident was cataclysmic, the only aftereffect was the court case against the culprit. The people that were infected either died or sought help to fix their dire situation. There were a couple other incidents similar to this one. One similar example is the contamination of the water in the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

There, the water was polluted and people that drank it, bathed in it, or did anything with it, were infected. The camp was contaminated for 30 years with effects lasting even longer. People also suffered disease and illness the same as the Camelford incident. Another example of a similar event occurring was the Hinckley Water Contamination.

Once again, due to a chemical spill, the water was contaminated and filled the homes of many. Again, they also began to develop cancer and other illnesses. While people normally don’t send life threatening chemicals into public water systems, it’s already happened at least three times. This is a problem that can only be fixed with the teamwork of people all over the world.

Clearly, pollution is affecting lives of millions all over the world.


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