Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Political situation in Portugal in the movie `Fatima` Essay

Political situation in Portugal in the movie `Fatima` Essay

           Political situation in Portugal in the movie `Fatima`This movie recreates the event happened in the 1917, when three shepherd children living just outside Fatima, Portugal had the vision of a lovely lady floating in the cloud. The anticlerical government wished to stifle the church for they feared that they lady in white interpreted as Virgin Mary by the Church, may spur religious sentiments. The children stood by their story and the Lady finally showed her spectacular miracle to thousands of people.

The movie depicted the period when World War I was raging across Central Europe and Portugal was locked in the grip of a repressive, anti-religious government. The report of the appearance of Virgin Mary ignited religious fervour among the villagers and predicted a dangerous confrontation with government officials. Among the three prophecies revealed by Virgin Mary, the first vision showed hell and mother Mary’s promise of heaven to the faithful,  second prophecy predicted the consecration of Russia, annihilation of various nations and victory to the Church, the third prophecy marked the end of lust and for power and evil. The Portugese government being strongly anti catholic, tried to supress the new religious upsurge with repressive measures like jailing of clerics, priests and faithfuls but unable to control the catholic upsurge. The movie showed socialist and other leftist elements in the Portuguese government as advarsaries of the vision.

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Also the second vision predicting consecration of Russia spurged the communist ideology inclined Portugal government to supress the upsurge.