Political Ideologies Essay

Ideology is a extremely contested phenomenon used in political relations. societal scientific discipline and philosophical discourse. Heywood ( 2003. p12 ) defines political orientation as ‘a more or less consistent set of thoughts that provides the footing for organized political action whether this is intended to continue. modify or subvert the bing system of power. ’ Harmonizing to Freeden ( 2003 ) we are all ideologues in the sense that we prescribe to certain political positions in our environment.

He goes on to state that political orientations are viing readings of doing sense of the universes we live in. Political orientations look at what society should be like and why the society is the manner it is. Leach ( 2002 ) states that the term political orientation is rather debatable.He besides defines political orientation as “interconnected set of thoughts which form a position on the world” Leach. R. ( 2002. p. 1 ) Williams ( 1998 ) defines political orientation as a system of thoughts and beliefs that offer a agency of understanding the universe.

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He besides adds that these thoughts provide a programme to determine the hereafter and seen as a usher to action. From the above. it is clear that there is no in agreement definition of what political orientation is. My position of political orientation is thoughts or positions trying to explicate how society should be.

Political parties may hold conflicting thoughts on certain issues of society and hence act upon the policies which affect service users.From this position. I can propose that political orientation is related to a set or system of beliefs. thoughts and values that persons. groups and administrations hold. Examples of political orientations include communism. socialism. liberalism.

conservativism. feminism and fascism.Deductions to Social WorkMany service users who come in contact with societal workers will be sing poorness and want. Social workers will be at that place to recommend and rede service users on how to use for these benefits. Harmonizing to Thompson ( 2005 ) poorness leads to other jobs such as hapless mental wellness and societal exclusion. Social workers support these service users by mark posting for reding. rehabilitation and psychotherapeutics.

Liberalism as an political orientation offers an account of how societal jobs are constructed and how households and persons are conceptualised within this model. Thompson. ( 2005 ) suggested that jobs are constructed by society.Adams. ( 2002 ) province that as societal workers we need to maintain up to day of the month with all policy alterations so that we can rede service users consequently.

He emphasises that societal workers should be proactive by reading enlightening newspapers and societal work diaries. Brechnin ( 2000 ) cited in Adams ( 2002 ) besides province that it is critical for practicians to hold on the policy context of the instances they deal with and thereby better how they deal with service users complexnesss. Critical apprehension of policies refering kids and households may assist societal workers better pattern. Social workers need to measure and place the demands of a service user group for illustration people with disablements and happen out every bit much information as they can through research on how they can help and authorise service users.The inquiry for societal workers is do we dispute a belief or political orientation which we think does non suit in with societal work values for illustration Conservatism. On the other manus. we enter into another argument of societal workers as agents of the province so whichever authorities is in power. societal workers as agents of province would hold to follow their beliefs.

We need to be cognizant of the current authorities beliefs. and its influence on policies so that we are equipped to rede service users on services available. To reason. the pattern of societal work in modern broad society remainders on broad rules. By turn uping the connexions between societal work and Liberalism political orientation. we have seen how practical societal cognition is influenced by broad philosophical premises.These cardinal dogmas of Liberalism are liberty. tolerance.

and a free-market economic system. These nucleus beliefs affect all countries of societal life. including societal work. The tensenesss that permeate the patterns of broad authoritiess are present in the field of societal work and valuable indexs of the complexness of the issues societal workers face. Crucially. they are unfastened to reform. There are deep societal jobs in broad society such as poorness.

inequality. disaffection. What we can larn from these jobs is that if Liberalism will win in its aspirations it needs to spread out its range to include more societal and corporate duty. and a greater apprehension of community.BibliographyAdams.

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