Poland can take two major decisions/ policy

Poland can take two major decisions/ policy options at this point in time. They are: either join or do not join the League Of Nations. If we join the LON, the LON can provide military aid to us when we are times of need (E.g.

When Germany launches a war against us). Furthermore, many wars and (international) disputes regarding Poland can also be discussed, negotiated and arbitrated civilly with the LON acting as a judge. This absence of conflict will provide us with time to rebuild our country from the poor and rural state it is now, to a greater one with a booming economy; with help from the rich farmland, Posen (surrendered to Poland by Germany due to Treaty Of Versailles). Additionally, the LON proved itself to us as fair when it decided to grant us the portion(s) of Upper Silesia containing the majority of the region’s mineral resources and much of its industry. Currently, the LON is developing, it’s role is expanding and it is gradually becoming the centre of international activity. This change can be seen in the relationship between the League and non-members. The United States and Russia, for example, increasingly worked with the League. The League had ‘means of influence’ to force countries to obey it.

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The first was moral condemnation – the League would declare in public that a country was wrong, and public opinion would force it to stop.   The League called this the ‘Community of Power’. The second was that the League could offer arbitration – acting a referee between quarrelling nations. Thirdly, the League could apply trading sanctions. Finally, the League could agree to military force, although it had no army of its own – a strong member state like Britain had to send its own army.   If Poland were to not join the LON, it can increase her military prowess as joining the LON meant that its members had to disarm and maintain a smaller army which would limit the defensive capabilities of Poland.

Therefore if Poland were to not join the LON, it can build up its army to defend the country adequately. The LON is also overly ambitious as if all countries were to disarm, it is not possible to provide an army for military sanctions which is contradicts the LON procedure of providing military sanctions as there would not be a sizable army. The three most powerful and influential countries did not join the League Of Nations. USA does not want to as it has an isolationist policy. Russia refused to join the LON as they were communists and hated Britain and France. Lastly, Germany was not allowed to join too. Hence, without the involvement of the three major world powers in the LON, the LON will be too weak to prevent an invasion/ annexation of Poland if some of the victorious powers such as Britain, France or the UK, deny significant military support to us.

The League Of Nations’ Assembly cold only make decisions with a unanimous vote, and on the Council, all the permanent members had power to veto. Hence, within a reasonable doubt, not all the countries would agree to certain decisions, hence ‘handicapping’ the League. Furthermore, in crises, no-one would agree, hence, it is unfavourable for Poland to join the LON.


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