Poka Yoke Essay

Everyone has one chance to live their life to the fullest as do business organizations. Someone can go throughout their life living it as if it were perfect even if it really isn’t.

Many people and organizations have an attitude of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. On the other hand, there are other people as well as organizations which truly believe that there is always room for improvement. Continuous improvement is a necessity for all who desire to be the best of the best.If this was not the case, then there would never have been people who studied these processes to give others the necessary tools to accomplish their goals and exceed their expectations.

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Such examples are: poka yoke, situational leadership, and Deming’s point of improving constantly. My family and I will be using these techniques on our family trip to Puerto Rico. Poka Yoke is an approach for mistake-proofing processes using automatic devices or methods to avoid simple human error (Evans 312).People have extra time to dedicate to activities with value and creativity. To avoid defects or incidents from occurring, warning signs help point out errors that have occurred so that the person can stop the process. Poka Yoke is something that I must practice in my personal life. For instance, in six days my family and I will be going on a trip to Puerto Rico.

To avoid common errors such as leaving things behind and getting to the airport on time, I must have a plan to assure that those mistakes do not occur.I have made a list of everything we need to pack including cell phone chargers, medicine, toiletries, etc… Once all is packed, I must check everything off of my list to avoid arriving in Puerto Rico only to find that I left something behind. Also, I must have a schedule for the day of the trip to make sure that we arrive to the airport on time with enough time for spare in case something unexpected should occur. I have to pick my kids up from school no later than 12:30 so that we can be back at the house before 1:00 pm and arrive at the airport no later than 1:30pm.This is just one poka yoke example I have to implement in the near future. I know that there will be much more to come.

To make this work, I will also have to practice situational leadership. Situational Leadership is the style of leadership that one should use depending on the maturity of those being led (Evans 437). Readiness that varies from person to person according to their skills and abilities to carry out their responsibilities determine the leadership style. Leadership styles according to the levels of readiness include: irecting, coaching, supporting, and delegating. On the day that my family and I depart for Puerto Rico, I will need to use a directing and a delegating leadership style. My children are 14, 10, and 3.

To make things run smooth, I will explain to my children the tasks and roles that they will be responsible for. Closely keeping an eye on them I will have to ensure that they do not leave their luggage behind, and that they have everything ready to be out the door by 1:00pm.Furthermore, I will delegate to my husband and children as well since I cannot do everything. Everyone will be responsible for packing their own things which should require little supervision. Once we arrive in Puerto Rico, they will receive further instructions on what to do once we get off the plane. This experience will help our family to continually improve at performing the necessary processes on future trips.

Deming’s improve constantly point (Pg. 30) is the necessary means for survival in a highly competitive and global business environment (Evans 30).This point stresses the need to understand customer needs and requires continual market surveys and other sources of feedback. Also, by understanding the manufacturing and service delivery process, changes can be made to continue to improve constantly. Engagement is necessary to get rid of wasteful processes and implement more efficient strategies to complete jobs more efficiently and effectively. Being that this is my children’s first time going on a vacation that requires flying, they are going to experience different ways of doing things.Normally, we pack and get in the car to drive off.

On this trip they will have more responsibilities. Through this experience, they will build on what they have all ready practiced in the past. This opportunity will give them the chance to improve their skills. I will lead them along the way; however, they will learn what they can and cannot take on a plane. They will also learn about the necessary checks at the airport as well as the importance of being on time to assure that we don’t miss our plane.My oldest son tends to be the slowest in doing everything.

I have to constantly rush him to do things. I hope that they will all continue to improve and lessen my stress on this and future vacations. To conclude, I see this trip as a learning experience for us all.

Poka Yoke will not only be practiced on our way out. It will also have to be practiced once we arrive in Puerto Rico. We must assure to have a GPS or map to make sure that we do not get lost. An alarm clock will have o be set if we are to make it to certain attractions with enough time to browse. Most importantly, we must make sure to put on sun screen before going out to make sure we don’t burn. To practice these Poka Yoke techniques, both my husband and I will have to use situational leadership styles with our children to direct, coach, support, and delegate to them.

This will hopefully improve our chances of experiencing less stress when going on future vacations. They will be better able to help us out and be more experienced at preparing for their trip.


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