Poets and hue, in shadowy silent distance

Poets exhibit many types of poetic devices to illustrate their message to readers of passing down generations of stories to enlighten knowledge and artistic creations. In “The Convergence of the Twain”, Thomas Hardy delineates that nature always wins and Fate is always planning in the age of the Titanic and her collision. Hardy incorporates stylistic devices in his poem to support the theme that the making and collision of the Titanic and the Iceberg was an event of Fate and the two were no match for the forces of nature. The ominous tone of this poem allows for many literary devices to be used efficiently.

For instance, Hardy effectively and frequently used alliteration, “as the smart ship grew in stature, grace, and hue, in shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too” (25-27). The alliteration used connects the two, the twain, that are meant to meet in destruction on the course of Fate. Alliteration links words and by alliterating, the adjectives of the twain compels the theme so that their path is clearly set by Fate. In addition, Hardy uses another sound device, end rhyme “Alien they seemed to be; no mortal eye could see the intimate welding of their later history” (28-30). The End Rhyme used in this stanza successfully emphasizes the theme and the shock to all that the twain were brought together by fate.

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The rhyme joins the sentences together and effectively displays the theme to the reader. Therefore, the stylistic devices that Thomas Hardy used thoroughly develop the Uebe 2theme of his poem that Fate and nature guided the twain to their convergence. Overall, the use of alliteration and end rhyme, as well as the other sound devices, enforces the theme of the poem. Alliteration linked the twain and End Rhyme joined the sentences to represent the moving of time on Fates course. The poet effectively and purposefully used literary devices to carve and form a flowing theme, the effect he created on the reader left the reader a little wiser and ready to accept the message of the poem, that nature always wins and Fate is always planning.


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