Poetry Close Reading Paper Assignment Essay

The piece Uniforms written by Barbara Schmitz, contains numerous elements of poetry, utilized in a beautiful way, it is not wonder that the piece is famous. A topic as simple as the dress of the people at the super market can be made into something beautiful through creative writing. Some of the elements used in this piece include; alliteration, assonance, interesting strong word choices, all bringing about a strong tone of the poet, Barbara Schmitz. However many of the common traits in poems like rhyme, and rhythm are not focused on.

There are no apparent rhyme schemes or rhythm in the piece. The poem speaks on the dress of the a couple people at the grocery store, how there cloths reflect there style as well as accommodation of weather. Using strong words that not only demonstrate the elaboration of there dress, but also share the mood that the writer has for the attire. The first person introduced in the poem, was a young man who had “swagger”, this word alone sets the scene of a man with confidence, who has a certain walk, yet also brings about a rural connotation.

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That the guy might have a limp in his step and the attitude of a thug. At this point the mood of the writer is uncertain. Next she points out that his outfit is so elaborate that it involves many layers, she interestingly chose the word “orchestrated”. It is interesting because it is a musical word, it was likely chose because like in an orchestra where all of the members play a part that together created a master piece. Simular to each part of his outfit working together.

This outfit contains so many that she points out with a curios tone on how it is that he wears all of it including a “stocking cap”, during the hot weather that she mentioned in the beginning. The rest of his outfit is where her mood or tone is really prominent, stating that he has “bagging pants”, bagging is a negative word meaning XXXXXXX, and a “screaming t-shirt”, showing, that she prefers a calmer, likely less noticeable shirt with softer colors and designs. These words were likely hand picked for describing what the cloths look like as well as how she feels about them.

Which in her case she have a negative tone. When the focus switches to the young women, the tone changes, it appears to be primarily because the attire of the female is more suitable for the weather. Although the female may be yelling out of the car window, which may be taken as a rude gesture. Her attire is “summer seasoned” and slips down towards her “bountiful cleavage valley” speaking as if her bosoms are perfectly shapely with a valley between her breasts. The line “Summer Season in Strapless Stretch” is an alliteration.

The writer later continues to note the fact that she has to pull her top up while she runs to bring focus to their size. She is quick to get her cigarette which is comparable to the speed of a relay race and the cigarette symbolizes the baton. Meanwhile the word “burnished” speaks on her bosoms being polished, or likely moisturized with a lotion with sparkles in it. Giving her breast a shimmer. It is at this point that the writer begins to speak about herself and what she is wearing with her simple cloths, that stand for peace.

Not only does her outfit represent what she stands for, but also that she lived through the sixties. Thanks to her Birkenstocks, which were made of grey suede, this is a sandal that was common in the 1960’s. She also states the title “Smack Dab In The Middle” which was performed by Ray Charles in 1977. The writer is pleased with what her uniform says about her and with a touch of rhyming ends with her rounding the corner and walking into the evening descending, giving her farewell.


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