Poem study guide Essay

Seamus Heaney“Here”R.S. Thoms“Friend”Hone Tuwhare“The Trees Are Down”Charlotte Mew“The Trees”Philip Larkin“Cold In The Earth”Emily Bronte“Because I Could Not Stop For Death”Emily Dickinson“Song: Tears, Idle Tears”Lord Alfred Tennyson“Elegy For My Father’s Father”James K Baxter“Praise Song For My Mother”Grace Nicholas“My Parents”Stephen SpenderPOEMSCONENCTIONS/CONTRASTINGSHERE/FRIENDBoth authors have a sense of realization. In HERE, he realizes that he can’t fix his mistakes of his past while in FRIEND, the author realizes that he doesn’t want to lose his friendship with his friends TREES ARE DOWN/ THE TREESThese two poems have 2 different main ideas: in TREES ARE DOWN, the man is fighting for the tree to stay alive while in THE TREES, the author knows the tree is going to die out but will regrow into something new and fresh COLD IN THE EARTH/ BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATHBoth have a theme with acceptance of DEATH. In COLD IN THE EARTH, she accepts the fact that death is coming soon and she is prepared for it. In BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP, the author realized that her lover is dead now and she accepts the fact that she has to move on SONG: TEARS, IDLE TEARS/ BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATHThe speakers themselves contrast.

In Song Tears.., the author isn’t ready to let go of his past lover while in BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATH, the speaker was able to move on from her lover.

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MY PARENTS/ ELEGY FROM MY FATHER’S FATHERBoth of these poems contain a theme: BLAME. In ELEGY FROM MY FATHER’S FATHER, the grandfather accepted the fact that he couldn’t tell his grandchildren his true feelings for them and blames himself basically. In MY PARENTS, the speakers accepts the fact that he is different from everyone else and that his parents made him be who he is in the poem and that’s why the kids are bullying him but isn’t really sure who to blame.


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