Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Poe Vs Hemingway Essay Research Paper Edgar

Poe Vs Hemingway Essay Research Paper Edgar

Poe Vs. Hemingway Essay, Research Paper

Edgar Allen Poe ( 1809-1849 ) and Ernest Hemingway ( 1899-1961 ) were both

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controversial and challenging authors of their times. Peoples in their clip were

hesitant about their plants. For the most portion, their plants were considered

out at that place by the bulk. Their non-Christian beliefs were non merely

reflected in their lives, but besides in their plants.

Poe s life could be considered highly tragic. When he was one

twelvemonth old, his male parent left his household. About one twelvemonth subsequently, his female parent died from

TB. He was so adopted by a affluent household who lived in

Richmond, Virginia. For a piece, his life began to acquire better ; he studied at the

University of Virginia. After merely one term at that place, he was forced to drop out

because of his gaming job. He joined the ground forces for a short clip. In

1835, he married Virginia Clemm, his thirteen-year old cousin.

Hemingway was born and raised in a thriving Chicago suburb. He was

a considered a modern adult male of his clip ; he enjoyed fishing, runing, pugilism,

and football. He wanted to fall in the ground forces, but he was turned down because of

an hurt. Still seeking life overseas, he joined the Red Cross in 1918 and left

for Italy. Subsequently he married Hadley Richardson, the first of his four married womans.

Poe s and Hemingway s lives were both really much alike. They

became alkies and struggled with this job until the terminal O

f their lives.

They besides both participated in indulgent life styles ; they lived merely to delight


Poe wrote Tamerlane and other verse forms that were non widely

recognized. As clip past, his Hagiographas finally did go popular. One

of his most celebrated verse form was The Raven. Hemingway was a newsman for

the Kansas City Star and the Toronto Daily Star. Some of his many plants

are: Farewell to Arms, In Our Time, The Sun Besides Rises, and The Old Man

and the Sea.

Two old ages after the decease of Poe s married woman, he engaged Mrs. Sheldon.

On his manner back to Baltimore, he stopped in Richmond. He fell into a coma

and was found lying in a trough ; he died a few yearss subsequently. Hemingway s

life style besides caught up to him, and his last seven old ages were highly

hard. He committed self-destruction on July 2, 1961.

Poe wrote in the epoch of nonnatural pessimism, but was really a

weakened version of a nonnatural optimist. His consequence on American

people was to raise their consciousness of the American populace in literature.

His narratives were non merely challenging, but besides entertaining. Hemingway s

plants were controversial. He focused on developing subject. He used short

sentences, which allowed him to hold a scope in audience.

Poe and Hemingway are great authors in our American history. Their

Hagiographas are entertaining, but one must non trust on the beliefs in these plants.