Physical crime prevention through environmental design to

 Physical security                                It is the most fundamental aspect of protection. It is the use of physical controls to protect the premises, site, facility, building,or other physical assets.

The initial layer of security fora campus, building, office,or other physical space uses crime prevention throughenvironmental design to deter threats. The highest level of physical security protection will befound at nuclear facilities, someprison. The application of physical security is the process ofusing layers of physical protectivemeasures to prevent unauthorized access.      The CPTED approach, a design is proper ifit recognizes the designated use of thespace, defines the crimeproblem incidental to and the solution.

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The type and degree of physical protection control should bedetermined by a Business Impact Level (BIL) assessment that considers theimpact, loss or compromise. It describessecurity measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources andto protect personneland property from damage or harm. The purpose ofthe Security Code ofManagement Practices is to help protect people,property, products, and processes. The protection ofpersonnel, hardware, programs, net- works and data from physical circumstances and events thatcould cause serious losses or damage to an agency, institution or community. Classifiedmaterials must be stored in approved security containers.       The development and validation, fromrequirements to testing, of an effective physical security solution.  Those basic components of physical security controls, one needs lookno further than the third edition of this Lawrence Fennelly work.

The approach to physical security complements other aspects of the Security Policyand is based on the theory checking for these five key control elements will give you a basic understanding of the levelof controls. Assets It is a protection for personal,hardware and software systems in the networks. The data could cause loss ordamage in the physical actions. It describes security measures thatare designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources. It is harder for an attacker to find or reach their objective whenmultiple layers have to be bypassed to access a resource. Most peoplethink about locks, bars, alarms, and uniformed guards when they think aboutsecurityResponsibilitiesThe physical securityshould train for good organization to maintain process in a good way.

It mightbe involved in protecting personnel and business assets or prevent workplacecrime and violence. These should include performing risk assessments todetermine security threats andassuring current security measures. Attacks from insiders it difficult todetect because their access permissions.


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