Phineas And Gene A Comparitive Essay

, Research PaperPhineas and Gene: A Comparative StudyThroughout the narrative, Phineas and Gene, the two chief characters, showed a figure of contrasting traits. Phineas was a confident, non competitory, naif, irresponsible, and stupid individual throughout the narrative, whereas Gene, Phineas & # 8217 ; roomie, was insecure, competitory, mature, responsible, and intelligent throughout the narrative.Phineas had a confident nature in everything he did. As Phineas and Gene foremost met, they noticed they were both the same tallness, but Phineas, being confident, said, & # 8220 ; Where did you acquire that dizzy shirt? & # 8221 ; ( 100 ) .

Merely a individual with utmost assurance could hold insulted person they merely met because the other individual could hold easy struck back to do a struggle, but Phineas & # 8217 ; confident nature helped him acquire through the state of affairs as he laughed his manner through the conversation. Another illustration which showed Phineas & # 8217 ; assurance occurred during a conversation he had with Gene. Even though Phineas did non cognize Gene, he felt absolutely comfy speaking about his sexual history. The writer explained what Phineas was speaking approximately as he stated, & # 8221 ; He had experienced it three times, and gave detailed, wholly prosaic and unboastful histories of all three. & # 8221 ; ( 101 ) .

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If Phineas was non a confident individual, he would non hold shared his narrative with a complete alien. Gene, on the other manus, was a really insecure individual. The reader was able to see Gene & # 8217 ; s insecurities when he foremost tried to hold a conversation with Phineas.

His roomie was being really explicit in uncovering the narratives of his yesteryear, but when it came for Gene & # 8217 ; s turn to state his narratives he felt his & # 8220 ; thoughts would hold been every bit dull as catechism after his ; & # 8221 ; ( 101 ) . If Gene was confident, he would hold been comfy in partaking in theconversation between him and his roomie. Another illustration exposing Gene & # 8217 ; s insecure nature occurred after Phineas ridiculed him for his pick of shirt.

After a little statement between the two, Gene gave in and admitted to himself that his shirt was dizzy by stating, & # 8221 ; It was right & # 8221 ; ( 103 ) when answering to a ill-mannered remark Phineas made on his shirt. If Gene was more secure in his ain picks, he could hold stood up for himself, and non allow anyone cut him up or diss his pick of shirt.One definite difference between Phineas and Gene was their competitory natures. Phineas was a of course talented jock who excelled in every athletics he played and did non hold the demand to vie with others. An illustration of Phineas merely happening the merriment in athleticss and non being competitory occurred when he was discoursing football with Gene.

Phines explained, & # 8220 ; In a athletics you & # 8217 ; ve got to be have to contrive something new all the clip & # 8221 ; ( 104 ) . When Phineas said this, he explained how he enjoyed the merriment out of games and non the aggressiveness about it. When Phineas was explicating football to Gene, he stated, & # 8220 ; It & # 8217 ; s merely like those damn push-ups and knee-bends today, & # 8221 ; ( 104 ) . Phineas did non like the fact he had to follow regulations and maps, he merely wanted to bask the activity.

Gene, nevertheless, was really competitory, particularly toward Phineas. Gene did non like the fact that Phineas was a natural jock, so when he would crush Phineas in school, he became really happy. Gene stated, & # 8220 ; He might be the best natural jock in the school, the most popular male child, but I was winning where it counted.

& # 8221 ; ( 105 ) . Even though he and Phineas were non in competition, Gene ever managed to seek and be on top. Gene was cognizant that Phineas did non stand out academically, but in his head he believed Phineas & # 8220 ; was seeking to take me in ; he hated the fact that I could crush him at this & # 8221 ; ( 105 ) , although Gene knew Phineas had no desire to vie with him.Phineas and Genes & # 8217 ; personality besides differed in the country of adulthood. Phineas was a really naif male child whose every move was really guiltless and harmless. An illustration of Phineas being naif occurred when Gene was depicting the Acts of the Apostless that Phineas performed innocently where no 1 could cut him down, but if another individual committed the same acts they would immediately be ridiculed. Gene explained how for all Phineas & # 8217 ; Acts of the Apostless, & # 8221 ; droping them was unthinkable. & # 8221 ; ( 102 ) .

This proved that Phineaswas naif because for a individual to perpetrate such Acts of the Apostless, they must hold an guiltless attitude, which Phineas evidently had. Gene besides explained how “Phineas was the kernel of this careless peace.” This quotation mark explained how Phineas must hold an interior peace within himself that is emerged to others, therefore his actions are passed as guiltless games. Phineas may be guiltless and naif, but Gene proved to be slightly mature for his age.

One juncture where Gene proved to be mature occurred when he admitted to himself that he about started to wish Phineas as he stated, “I about liked him, even” ( 105 ) . For one to acknowledge they like the individual who they are seeking their hardest to detest takes adulthood as the individual is give uping their sentiments to seek and do a clean slate and be a better individual, which is precisely what Gene did in this instance.A contrast is besides seen between Gene and Phineas in their duty. Phineas proved to be a really irresponsible individual. One illustration exposing Phineas & # 8217 ; irresponsible nature occurred when he and Gene were analyzing for a Gallic scrutiny.

Phineas wanted to leap off a tree into H2O, than to concentrate on analyzing and accomplishing a good grade. When Gene told Phineas he should remain, Phineas replied, & # 8221 ; You want to analyze? & # 8221 ; ( 108 ) . At the clip, Phineas did non understand the importance of analyzing for his trial. Gene persistently tried to maintain Phineas & # 8217 ; from go forthing the books as he stated sardonically, & # 8221 ; You know, books, scrutinies? & # 8221 ; ( 108 ) , butPhineas still found it difficult to believe that Gene wanted to analyze, therefore demoing that Phineas was an irresponsible pupil. Gene on the other manus was a really responsible pupil because he wanted to remain in and analyze for his Gallic trial instead than leap off a tree as his friends wanted him to. Gene stated to Phineas as he tried to explicate his state of affairs, & # 8221 ; If I need to analyze, so so make you. & # 8221 ; ( 108 ) . This proved that Gene was responsible because at that clip, he sacrificed holding merriment for his classs.

More proof demonstrating Gene & # 8217 ; s sense of duty occurred when he stated to Phineas, & # 8220 ; We watch lily-liver Lepelier non leap from the tree, and I ruin my class & # 8221 ; ( 108 ) , because it showed how Gene was cognizant of the effects of non analyzing.One last difference between the two characters in the narrative is the fact that one of the male childs was a follower, whereas the other was a leader. Gene proved to be a follower when Phineas jumped of the tree into a organic structure of H2O and he followed him. Even though Gene did non desire to leap of the tree, he did so anyhow because he wanted to be like Phineas.

Gene explained his feelings toward the tree when he stated, & # 8221 ; I hated the really being of that tree & # 8221 ; ( 106 ) . Gene & # 8217 ; s statement proved he was a follower because if it were non for Phineas, Gene would non hold had any desire to leap. Gene subsequently explained, & # 8221 ; When Phineas did it backwards one eventide, so did I & # 8221 ; ( 107 ) . Gene & # 8217 ; s statement proved he was a follower because he had to leap off the tree backwards to experience he was equal to Phineas. Gene proved he was a follower, yet Phineas proved to be a natural leader. Phineas was the first individual to leap off the tree, and after he did, other childs joined him. Gene stated, & # 8221 ; none of us believed that we would leap from it.

None but Phineas & # 8221 ; ( 105 ) . This proved that Phineas was a leader because it explained how Phineas jumped foremost off the tree, and no 1 else believed they could. Phineas proved he was a natural leader even at the beginning of the narrative when he and Gene foremost met. Phineas was the fist one to talk out of the two of them, as Gene commented, & # 8221 ; That first twenty-four hours, standing in that comfortless room, amid his apparels, he began to speak and I began to listen & # 8221 ; ( 100 ) .

Gene explained how he listened to Phineas speak when they foremost met, which proved that Phineas was a leader because he began the conversation, and alternatively of take parting, Gene merely listened.The two characters in the short narrative, & # 8221 ; Phineas, & # 8221 ; proved to hold really contrasting personality traits throughout the full narrative. Phineas was confident, non competitory, naif, irresponsible, stupid, and a natural leader, whereas Gene was insecure, competitory, mature, responsible, intelligent, and a follower. Therefore doing them to be foils.


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