Philosophy and the Benefits That This Science Entails Essay

It is human nature to constantly ponder and think about how we can enrich our lives. Unfortunately, for many years society has been telling us that the only way to “enrich” our lives it to partake in the quest to achieve the American Dream and fill the emptiness that we sometimes feel as humans with artificial and material objects. But it is with the concept of philosophy that us as humans can break away from the stereotypical mold of material possessed humans that our society so desperately wants us to morph into.The discipline of philosophy does not only build character as you are challenged to reflect upon controversial subjects, but it also provides answers for the ones who take this discipline seriously and live an examined life.

If studied properly the discipline of philosophy has the potential to enrich the lives of many people, as well as enable people to act and think in a way that they never thought was possible. Always searching for the next thing to help enrich one’s quality of life is an exhausting task that will endure for one’s entire lifespan.But philosophy helps provide ways to enrich one’s life without having to depend on material objects or emotional attachments such as lust that makes one feel alive. Philosophy can enrich people’s lives because philosophy provides truth. As Aristotle wrote, “Philosophy is the science of truth.

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” Through this quotation Aristotle is trying to demonstrate that finding the truth is not something that becomes evident when pondering superficial ideas.What Aristotle is suggesting is that finding truth in things is a science due to the critical thinking that is involved. Therefore, philosophy will not only enrich our lives by providing the truth when sought after correctly, but it can also enrich our lives with helping us develop the acquired skill of critical thinking. Philosophy not only helps to enrich our lives but it also can enable and encourage people to do things that never seemed possible. The discipline of philosophy is mainly constructed by the philosopher’s ability to critically think.This ability to critically think while partaking in meaningful conversations beyond the superficiality of this world leads to the ability to ask more questions.

Because of philosophy and the critical thinking that this discipline entails one may be more enable to ask more questions because we find ourselves becoming more curious about the serious issues that are prominent in the world. With the aid of philosophy people are more enabled to take a stance on issues and not just accept the first argument that one hears.This ability to question controversial subjects and come up with one’s own conclusion can enable the philosopher or person in question to become more open minded. One may become more open minded as they are critically thinking about both sides of the argument or subject being questioned or debated. As you can see studying philosophy can be beneficially in many ways. The discipline of philosophy has the potential to save this country from morphing into the material consumed population that our society is striving for.

It is possible for philosophy to save us by helping us acquire critical thinking skills as well as the ability to ask questions and not accept the first bit of information provided as the truth. Philosophy not only has the ability to help us acquire critical thinking skills but it can also help ease our mind and quest for happiness as we find truth through pondering the many controversial subjects that may arise in this discipline.Therefore we can conclude that the discipline of philosophy not only enriches our lives, but also enables us to partake in questioning things that we would never have thought of questioning before. The discipline of philosophy and the ability to critically think and make decisions for ourselves may be the only thing that can save the human race from being devoured in a society that loves and strives for material possessions to find happiness.


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