Personality Traits Essay

There may be no such thing as a perfect partner, but everyone dreams of an ideal partner they want to marry and spend their whole life with. Although, we seek out specific qualities that are significant to us alone but there are certain characteristics both the partners can aim at to make the relationship successful and last longer.

I always thought of my ideal partner as an honest, trustworthy, agreeable, open and respectful man. According to the traits I am moderate on most of the factors, since I am independent, agreeable, organized and trusting woman.Of course, I dream of someone of the same or almost the same level of traits as me. I believe, the big five traits are efficient way to test one’s personality. I mostly describe myself ranging in the moderate level of the traits.

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For instance, the trait conscientiousness explains me the most because I am organized, since I keep myself planned and structured beforehand. Also, carefulness and disciplined are one of my best personalities as I am well-mannered and cautious about everything I do.Correspondingly, openness and agreeableness describes me well since I am kind-hearted, imaginative, high on novelty preference because different things interest me rather than just paying attention to one same thing and as well as independent where I don’t depend on someone to get my work done. Also I am helping since I help anyone who is in need and try to help people around if I am finished with my work before time. Trusting is one of my best characteristics as well because I trust my boyfriend whenever he goes out without me or whenever he talks, I always end up believing him.Instead, many people would get suspicious and point out problems and create a fight. Neuroticism is one of the traits that I am low on because I am more of a calm and self-satisfied person because I am proud and satisfied with the work I do and I am more likely to stay calm under pressure. Similarly, I am low on extraversion as well since I am very shy and reserved because I usually only talk to my boyfriend, family or anyone who is very close to me.

I can’t describe myself as a sociable person because I don’t get along with strangers well.Therefore, I pronounce myself moderate in the traits because the levels of the traits vary from each other. As they say there’s no such thing as a perfect match, but I have always been dreaming of an ideal partner who matches my interest, therefore so called my perfect match. According to the traits, I have always wanted a man who is on the moderate level of the traits as well.

I want my ideal partner to be high in levels of conscientiousness and agreeableness, so he is organized and careful about anything he does; also he will be disciplined and won’t be making a mess at the house.According to the level of agreeableness he will be trusting and helping where he will be able to trust me and not be suspicious all the time and will be willing to help me with any kind of help I need such as washing dishes, cleaning the house etc. I want my ideal partner to be independent as well so he doesn’t depend on me to do the job or all the house work. Also I would like him to have some wide interest rather than just being interested in one same thing or the same routine.I would like him to take me different places and do various activities with me rather than just staying home after work. Therefore that explains his level being high in the areas of openness. Lastly, I would want my ideal partner to be low in the areas of neuroticism and moderate in extraversion. For instance, I don’t want him to be so insecure about me and be scared of anything I might do.

Instead I would want him to be more of a calm and secure person who is always calm and peaceful about everything and not fight about every little thing in the house.Similarly, I don’t want my ideal partner to be too sociable as well which may make me jealous and cause a fight in the relationship. I would rather have him a little shy and reserved in terms of social surroundings.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want him too serious as well which might make my life boring. Instead, I would want him to be fun-loving which would make my life romantic and not so boring. Therefore these characteristics explain that my ideal partner would be on moderate level of traits. I believe, the big five traits are efficient way to test one’s personality.According to the levels of the traits I consider myself and my partner to be on the moderate level of the traits, where both of us can take part in the relationship in terms of compromise, trust and respect, which would help make my relationship successful.

As we learned that the higher chances of healthier relationship and attraction is when you have someone of the same personality and interests, therefore my ideal partner having the same characteristics would help keep the relationship healthy. Therefore, I personally believe the big five traits helps a lot to search for a romantic ideal partner of your interest.


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