Personality & Intelligence Crossword Essay

Across:1Spearman’s theory that all mental abilities draw from a single capacity.

3A multiple choice test that yields results that are closely related the the Big Five.7A projective test that uses the interpretation of stories that are created in response to a series of images to uncover unconscious conflicts. 8A technique used to describe personality by analyzing handwriting.10Gardner’s theory that states that there are seven distinct types of abilities that are independent of one another.11A test that involves an individual answering questions about his or her own thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.13The ability to identify, comprehend, integrate, and control emotions to further personal growth.14Method for testing where the steps for all test takers are the same.

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15Measures the thought, emotion, and behavior patterns of an individual. 16Provides a measurement of what information is already known or has been learned through education. 17Thurstone’s theory that intelligence is made up of seven different factors. 18Sternberg’s theory consisting of analytic, creative, and practical intelligences. 19A projective test used to uncover a person’s unconscious conflicts by his or her interpretation of patterns made of ink.

Down:2Provides a measurement of the ability to benefit from further training or education. 4An instrument mainly used in the psychoanalytic perspective that reveals unconscious conflicts by interpreting ambiguous items. 5A test that assesses or describes mental functioning.6The ability to retrieve and use knowledge and skills that were previously learned.9An empirically derived personality test that can assess a variety of characteristics.12The ability to determine relationships between newly introduced concepts within a given tasks.


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