Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN Essay



I ever retrieve what my Dendranthema grandifloruom used to state that you can accomplish whatever you want and you can be whatever you want to be, the lone thing that you have to retrieve is that you should hold faith in your ain ego, you should cognize that everyone else has the right to be in the same room, what nice words can make, anger and coerce can ne’er make that, and instruction and cognition is non merely the grade made of paper it gives you assurance and Teachs you what you have learn to utilize it in hard state of affairs, and it will decidedly pay good. I ever wanted to be a concern adult male like the 1s Is have seen while turning up, they have offices, people working for them, brainstorming, schemes, force per unit area and the demand to be magnetic, rational, facile, and joint plus some other basic qualities, and the desire to make what they love. I want to get down a retail concern or a dress shop where we create made-to-order dress for the clients. But before I reach there I need some development in myself, some traits which have to be wiped off, and to instill some necessary qualities, and for that I need a personal development program.

Let ‘s get down by inquiring ourselves a simple inquiry, what really a personality development program is, and how do we do it?

Basically personal development is a program that I will set about, it is a map or a bluish print about how I will set about the responsibilities and carry through that responsibilities in order to accomplish the ends that I have set in my personal life, in my instruction and in my calling. It is a really good defined and structured program with underlined stairss that has to be taken, when to be taken and the sum of clip needed to pass on it to put to death it and that to with all finding and honestness.

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“ It is ne’er excessively late to be what you might hold been ” really good said by George Elliot.

And eventually even though the program has clip bounds set to accomplish the given undertaking and finish the scheduled duty, that is non the terminal, the procedure of development is uninterrupted, it keeps on traveling till the terminal, the ground we map out a program with undertakings that has to be achieved in a given scheduled clip is because it helps us and maintain motivated as we keep on suppressing everything that is the portion of program, it helps to maintain the enthusiasm high.


To raise self-awareness

To achieve the perfect coordination and better team-wok that will assist me to work reciprocally and with complete harmoniousness with the remainder of the squad member

To percolate up my communicating and interpersonal accomplishment in order to work rapidly and expeditiously with everyone

To derive cognition of how to undertake a struggle, so as to do speedy determinations in times of any crisis

Addition and better my leading quality

The accomplishment to do programs which are realistic in nature and to transport them out

Positive belief about my positions and that will give assurance to my strength and ability

A. Personality Development Opportunities

To do the program one thing is really of import emmet that is self consciousness. I can merely specify my scheme and subject after I know what my strengths and developmental countries are. However, for me, I ‘m certain I know these really good. I have strengths on dutifulness, cautiousnesss and advanced involvements, but I need to better myself on the countries of cooperation, activity-level and imaginativeness. Knowing me specially and Bettering my developmental countries while continue working on my strengths, I can better my strengths comprehensively.


The first strength of me is dutifulness. I ‘m a individual who has a strong sense of responsibility and duty. For me, I feel dutifulness is really of import portion of a a individual either as single or a squad member because I believe “ no hurting, no addition ” . As a consequence, when I receive a work, I pay one hundred per centum attending to make it carefully and complete it on clip. I arrange my agenda ordered to do certain I do n’t detain in something, by making these things I have made myself a dependable individual. Second, I ‘m friendly. Friendly people make friends rapidly and it ‘s easy to organize near relationship. They treat friends truly and openly, and they can allow their friends feel comfy with them. I do all of these things of course. It ‘s like I was born optimistic. I like to do friends and stay with my friends. I am concerned about their jobs and assist them every bit much as I can when they need. I do n’t experience tiring when they complain something or speak their unhappiness to me. I think friends play a really of import portion of my life. If I do n’t hold friends any longer, I wo n’t accomplish either my life or calling ends successfully. Third, I have abundant artistic involvements. I like both art and nature beauty with all my bosom. I like to detect people ‘s visual aspect and idiosyncrasy because I believe everyone has their particular beauty no affair indoors or outside. Absorbing the different beauties from different people no affair whether they are in the existent life or on telecasting or narratives.

Developmental Areas:

However, when I province my strengths, my failings which include low ability on cooperation, low activity-level and deficit of imaginativeness besides show evidently. First of my failings which is a serious job for me is low ability on the cooperation. Even though I ‘m an optimistic and friendly individual, I do n’t wish to work with people initiatively. For some grounds, I do n’t believe working with others is more effectual than working separately, and I do n’t wish to deny my ain demands to acquire along with others. I ever think in my manner and want people agree with me. It ‘s a small hard for me to collaborate with others to carry through undertakings. Second, I ‘m low in activity-level. Although I ever say I like the busy life in which I can affect myself in many activities and travel approximately energetically, I ca n’t do it come true in my existent life. I about ne’er complete the prep at the first several yearss when the professor assigns it. Besides, I ever give myself an alibi to hold remainder or hold to make something unneeded. It ‘s like I become manner to occupy with life and live in a relaxed and slow gait.


By traveling through all my peculiar strengths and failings, I clearly know my existent place now. To carry through my ends and be successful, merely saying failings is non plenty, I besides need to do an effectual scheme to assist myself make the ends. I need the cognition modesty, engagement on particular activities, academic preparation, personal preparation, and work experience and on-the -job preparation to assist me to better both my strengths and developmental countries.

B. Individual Assessment

Short-Term Development Path Objectives ( 1-6 months ) :

In order to accomplish my life and calling ends, in the first 1-6 months, for cognition, I need to make good in my categories in following two quarters, and read more books to distribute my idea. I besides need to fall in more activities to better my cooperate accomplishment. Last but non least is that I need to seek my best to accommodate the life in competitory universe. I besides need to better my English accomplishments, even though English has ever been my first linguistic communication since I started my schooling, but I besides need to better the grammar, vocabulary and my eloquence in the linguistic communication because I ne’er took existent involvement in the linguistic communication and was more comfy with my female parent lingua.

Medium-Term Development Path Objectives ( 6-12 months ) :

After completing this short program, I need to hold an betterment in my preparation degree. Now I need to believe about how I can better my developmental countries specifically. Besides larning more cognition non merely from the books but besides from the society, I need to pay attending in every small thing. I need to believe more about others and make every small thing more active such as finish the prep every bit shortly as possible, make reappraisal and prevue everyday and exercising every twenty-four hours. I besides need to affect in some nines to better my cooperation ability and increase activity-level. Trying to happen a occupation on campus is besides a good manner for me to better my developmental countries. It will non merely assist me to collaborate better with others but besides can increase my imaginativeness from the emphasis work. By believing about the summer holiday is in this term, I have besides schedule myself to hold a wood coal drawing and dancing preparations in following summer. In order to increase my imaginativeness, I need to derive more about the artistic cognition and feelings. These things are of import because apart from the other professional preparation Is need to hold in professional life I should besides hold the other enjoyment, that is a portion of my existent personal life, that will assist me to de emphasis myself when I will be inundated with my work burden.

Long-Term Development Path Goals ( 1-3 old ages ) :

In this last period, I will give myself a extremely betterment. From the cognition, merely to cognize the constructs studied in the text edition is far from adequate. To believe logically how finance and selling apply in the concern country and how can I turn the cognition to the actions with accomplishment and easiness are the chief intents for my betterment in this three old ages. I need to absorb other schoolmates ‘ advantages and professors ‘ experience in the concern country carefully from every category and group undertaking. After I gain adequate and well-set cognition, I need to happen an internship in an investing bank or an international corporation to use my cognition rely on the existent state of affairss. For this program, I combine the academic preparation and work experience to give myself a deep betterment non merely in cooperation but besides in activity-level.

Besides, besides deriving academic preparation and work experience, I need to give myself a personal preparation in the same country. Because I want to work in a manner trade name, it ‘s perfectly of import that I need to hold cognition that is related to art and manner and I need to make it by myself. I will give myself a pulling preparation in every holiday in the following three old ages. In add-on, I will go to some manner nines on the cyberspace with people who study in the art big leagues. By speaking with them, I will cognize what academic cognition I need to hold needfully and seek to larn them by myself or by taking some class. By taking this program, I will better my cooperation accomplishment, activity-level and increase my imaginativeness and artistic involvements together while I ‘m larning the academic art accomplishments.

C. Individual Personality Development Plan of Action

Making a program is really of import for success ; nevertheless, in order to do the program more effectual, the program needs to be specific into actions. In my development program, I pick three of import actions to do them specifically. The three actions I pick are self-study, internship and engagement on particular undertaking.

First of all, I make a ego survey about pulling in the following three old ages. This preparation will be making on every holiday. Every holiday is an interim milepost of this action. By better my drawing accomplishment every holiday, I will cognize what I need to analyze following clip. This action is really helpful for me to increase my imaginativeness and artistic involvements. Besides, it can assist me to acquire an art major in the alumnus plan.

Second, I need to carry through two sorts of internship which are working in a retail manner industry and working in an international corporation in the following three old ages. I will take to work in a promenade or a dress shop because I will be making my big leagues in selling and retail. I need to use my cognition to the existent state of affairss to happen my failing and better myself. This action will be finished at the beginning of the following semester. After I finish this internship, I ‘m certain I will larn a batch about the concern country and have a high betterment on my developmental countries. Then, in the senior twelvemonth, I will get down my following internship which is related more close to my concluding end. Because I have already done an internship, I know what I need to make and necessitate to better better than earlier. Therefore, this clip, when I work in an international corporation, I need seek to carry through my undertakings absolutely by handling myself as a formal member of the corporation. This internship will be finished at the terminal of my Masterss.

Third, I want to run a particular undertaking which is to open an online store to better myself and assist me to accomplish my concluding end. My intent to make this undertaking is to better and look into my concern ability out of category. The chief merchandise I will sell is apparels, and the online store will last for one twelvemonth. There are three phases of this store ‘s operation. In the first phase, my intent is to set up everything ordered without holding any large errors. This phase will merely last for one month. In the following phase, I will concentrate on how to catch the clients ‘ attending and how to take the apparels that has to be sold. The apparels I choose demands to be particular and with high qualities. This phase will last for 3-4 months. In the last phase when the store has already is on the right path, I will seek to larn how to gain the highest net incomes. This phase will be the closest 1 to my academic cognition, and it will last for the last 5-6 months. I think this action is really of import for me because I non merely can better my activity-level in the first phase, look into my aesthetic accomplishment in the 2nd phase but besides can utilize my academic cognition in the 3rd phase ; moreover, I can farther cognize how to head a selling side of the business..


In decision, in order to accomplish every end in my life, making an single personal development program is really of import. It will non merely assist me to cognize my existent place specifically but besides can allow me believe and make every action logically and orderly. Bing a selling manager in an international concern corporation is non that easy. However, I ‘m certain I can accomplish my end by following my plan measure by measure. Because of my involvements, difficult work and continuity, I believe there is one twenty-four hours I will hold a large calling in the manner country.