Personal Plan to Succeed Essay

Personal Plan to Succeed Katrina Lino HSC/504 November 5, 2012 John Dean Personal Plan to Succeed As age increases, so do the number of responsibilities assumed in our lives. We have careers, family that needs taking care of, and homes that need maintenance. These responsibilities can be obstacles when returning to school and obtaining a higher degree such as a Master’s of Science. Although there are challenges, the drive for higher learning never subsides in some people.In this paper, I will review my reasons for continuing my education and obtaining my Master’s degree in Nursing and discuss my short- and long-term goals as well as what challenges I may face to achieve these goals.

I will also analyze my strength and weakness in regard to personal communication and what strategies I can implement to improve my personal communication with students, faculty, and future employees. Education always has been a huge part of my life. During my undergraduate studies, I always knew I would continue my education and obtain a Master’s degree in Nursing.My current short-term goal is I intend on meeting is graduating from University of Phoenix with my Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree.

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To grow professionally as a Nurse, I will need to achieve my MSN degree. Chichester (2011) believes completing an MSN degree would allow the opportunities for a better work schedule, professional growth, and knowledge as well as, an increased level of autonomy (p. 172). Many job openings in supervisory positions are requiring a MSN degree. In my current department, a nursing supervisor was asked to either return to school and obtain a Master’s degree or step down from her position.This supervisor did not have the desire to further her education as I do, so she stepped down as supervisor. Chichester (2011) also said, “Further education is an ideal way to advance yourself, your practice, and your profession” (p. 175).

Possessing my MSN, it will open many doors. I can apply for supervisory positions or clinical education positions. To meet this goal, I will need to take assigned courses and complete them with the required grade. As I complete one graduate course and continue to the next one, it will be a definable step toward graduating with my MSN.

Upon completion of my goal of a MSN degree, I will work toward my long-term goal of becoming a nursing supervisor in either the Interventional Services department in which I am currently employed or in the Emergency Department I previously worked in. A well-educated nursing supervisor can make a difference in the staff, the department, and of course, patients. The road to meeting these goals will be met with some challenges. There have been numerous studies on nurses wanting to progress educationally that have shown common challenges, including role strain, cost, access, and lack of rewards (Scott, Brinson, 2011).My number one challenge will be role strain.

I am a mother of two small children, a three month old and a two-year-old. They require much of attention and this will take away time from my studies. Unlike Master’s students with older children, my two-year-old son will not understand that I need to have quiet time to finish an assignment.

According to Carter, Bishop, and Kravitz (2011), “There is much about yourself, your surroundings, and your experiences that you cannot control. However, self-knowledge gives you tools to choose how you respond to circumstances” (Chapter 2). I am a firm believer in this statement.I understand I am faced with the challenge of having a family and wanting to succeed in graduate school.

I must implement the following strategies to succeed at achieving my goals. Organization and time management are imperative. Keeping a detailed planner to stay organized will prevent me from forgetting assignments and I am aware of future assignments and deadlines. With small children, time management is key. I must use available free time, such as nap times, to work on assignments and stay up-to-date with assigned reading.

The MSN degree is definitely attainable if I remain organized and use my time management skills appropriately.Because of the challenges I am facing on the road to obtaining an MSN degree, I have decided to pursue the degree using online education. This online program tract offered by University of Phoenix is ideal for my personal situation. However, working completely online will affect personal communication with my professor and classmates. We will communicate on an online forum. In a classroom setting, my personal communication strength is non-verbal cues.

When I am expressing a thought, I use facial expressions and I am receptive to cues exhibited from the audience. However, in an online setting, non-verbal cues are not used.Personalization is lost when using the Internet to convey a message (Todericiu, Muscalu, & Fraticiu, 2012) I must use writing skills to convey my ideas with the class. This is considered my weakness when communicating via online with professors and fellow classmates. To improve my personal communication, three strategies will be implemented.

The first strategy is by being clear and concise in my writing. Second, prior to posting on the forum, I will organize my ideas so that the message is delivered effectively. Last, in a classroom setting, I would be an active listener.In the online setting, I will read other postings and before responding, ensure I understand the message. Implementing these strategies improve my communication skills in my online courses. In conclusion, the road to reaching my short- and long-term goals of professional growth will be a challenging one.

Role strain and online education will play as a major obstacle. By organizing myself, using my time effectively, and improving my personal communication skills, I will obtain my MSN and become a Nursing Supervisor.References Carter, C. , Bishop, J. , & Kravitz, S. L. (2011). Keys to effective learning.

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