Personal Keys to Success Essay

Personal Keys to Success Anissa Eddie Gen/200 August 19, 2012 Aminah Brelvi Personal Keys to Success Personal Keys to Success Even though some goals maybe achieved by chance; time Management, dedication, and commitment are key elements Without these three factors you could be limiting yourself Working to reach your goals towards academic success ensures you a comfortable lifestyle. By conducting proper research, I know I can find just what I Need in order to succeed in this class and into the future.

Personal responsibilities to me are things that I have to make Sure I stay on track of this will include my- academic and professional goals.First I have a responsibility to myself as a Student. I have to plan and time my strategies – properly. I Have to be honest to myself, of what I can and cannot do. Now That I am investing substantial amounts of time, money, and Energy into our education I No matter what you want to do with your life, it is likely you Will need some form of an education to do it. One cannot drop Out of school and just drop into a good job. You have to train For it and work for it and learn for it. Obama, B.

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(2010). Personal Responsibility is Important for Academic Achievement.Green Haven Press, () some of my academic and professional goals May be achieved by chance, but I know the three key factors Leading to my success.

Without time management, dedication, and commitment my personal Success may be limited. I know using these tools will ensure That I reach the goals and success that I am looking for in Life. Managing your time wisely, staying dedicated and committed Means I will reach my short-term and long-term goals.

Strictly speaking time cannot be managed. The minutes, hour, Days simply roll on by.What we can do is manage ourselves with Respect for time. Procrastination is a road block many of us Cross. Sometimes our health can be a stumbling block. Set your own goals for your education. Make your own time-lines And stick to them. Communication will allow you to get the most out of your learning experience.

Everything you learn and work For is geared towards helping you get skills and knowledge that Will be useful in your personal life and career. . The article that was used in which to help in information and Contributing in the completion of stated facts.

The main purpose Of mainly all the topics that were illustrated were five major Keys or goals that are important in college education. The Aspects of the personal and social responsibility share some Underlying dynamics and sources as noted, striving for Excellence: developing a strong work ethic and consciously doing Ones very best in all aspects of college. . Cultivating personal And academic integrity: recognizing and acting on a sense of Humor, ranging from honestly in relationships to principled Engagement with a formal academic honor code.

Contributing to a Larger community: realizing and acting on ones€™s responsibility To the educational community and to the wider society– local, National, and global. Taking seriously the perspectives of Others: distinguishing and acting on the obligation to inform One’s own judgment; engaging diverse and competing perspectives As a resource for learning, citizenship, and work. Developing Competence in ethical and moral reasoning: establishing ethical And moral reasoning in ways that incorporate the previous four Dimensions and using such reasoning in learning and in life.The author who of which helped with much of the description help In many ways. The author took reliable resources and point out Key notes useful in my research. In fact, in many settings of Experimental learning, students encounter models of persons they Want to be like or fear of becoming. Through active, hands-on Learning and reflection on their experiences, students are able To bring theories and classroom knowledge together with Practice.

In the process, academic earning is challenged and Refined by the complexities of the practice arena, and theMultiplicity of practice are illuminated by conceptual frames And contextual knowledge drawn from classroom learning. The Author did not have a bias opinion because nothing he had to say Was contradictory. He supported what he had to say by class Studies I am confident that his work is reliable. The reference supports that facts of how time- Management, if used effectively puts me one Step closer to achieving my degree. It Explains how college student may manage his Or her time, stress factors, and coping Strategies. What you notice is that your Individual strategies are competing with oneAnother for time, so you have to ration your Time among them.

Thus, your overall strategy Is constrained by both. One frequent cause Of use-of-time problems is nothing more than Trying to do also too much, trying to fit in More reading, writing, calculating, Practical work or whatever than the time You’ve allowed for it can accommodate. And Perhaps as a result you never complete the Task within the time allowed, so you Misinterpret the deadline for handing in, or You submit work that is rough.

Often, goals Are set to be challenging (but attainable) From the outset. Nontraditional students Experienced differing levels of motivation,Campus, involvement, and participation in Social activities from their traditional Counterparts which related to time Management issues and lead to differing Levels of stress and methods of coping Between the two groups of students. Time management skills have been identified as one Indication of higher performance and lower stress and Anxiety Adult students have had experiences in life And in their careers that have broadened their general Outlook. Unlike traditional students, nontraditional Students have responsibilities related to their work And personal lives that may lead to demand overloadAnd role conflict when merged with school. These Additional demands and responsibilities can create Time limitations that traditional students are not apt To experience, non-traditional students are perhaps More self-I don’t think the authors were bias they Supported my findings. Sufficient than the traditional student, namely experiencing Multiple life roles, practicing time management behaviors and Using more adaptive methods for handling stress. This will prove How managing time wills relief some stress.

This will prove how Managing time will relief some stress. This may be a very Supporting article.I learned how to use the river point writing: but unfortunately it was after the assignment was do and this computer as expensive as it didn’t have Microsoft office it has Microsoft Word, who knew they were two different programs. That is why is important to try and remember what you have read in the weeks to come. In week two I read always have a backup plan. The computer we use at the shop has the program in need.

I know all I have to do is send all my information to my email address and pull up there problem solved. I am just so thankful that I have a chance to still be here in my right mind and able to still learn


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