Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Personal Competencies Assessment Essay

Personal Competencies Assessment Essay

CharacterLiterCarbon monoxideMeterPETENCITocopherolSecondButtocksMeterENTS“Know thyself.”Celebrated dead Greeks long ago were non incorrect. Knowing yourself is one of the most of import waies toward true self-improvement no affair the principle, be they work, household, or peer-social. The classics were non incorrect, nevertheless, the tools to acquire one to an improved point have changed.

There are many ways to acquire at that place from here. This is the point and intent of making personality, leading, and larning manner exercisings and trials. I am inventive misanthropic dreamer.

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This bled through most of the trials we took.Why make them? Because we divide ourselves’ early on in the existent work universe into those who continuously learn and those who do non. But for many the finish is besides of import. Where are you traveling? It is difficult to cognize where you are traveling and why you are traveling at that place if you don’t cognize what your strengths and failing are, One has to cognize what’s within oneself to pull off develop or get the better of.I think making these exercisings are utile in the effort to develop a calling way but besides to reengage those who are mid-career, possibly seeking to redesign the ‘next measure in the path.’Learning manners or cognition acquisition has been large since the 1980s ; I aware of this because I have had the construct beaten in to me since the first class.How make you outdo learn? On the Honey and Mumford Learning Styles trial I scored strongest with 18 for Activist ; 16 for Pragmatist ; 12 for Reflector ; and 10 for Theorist. This is non a large surprise for me because I have ever learned best by making and have ever required a ‘why’ inquiry or 12 sing whatever capable affair I am non peculiarly interested.

This to me is the most of import portion of the appraisals I did. It confirmed some of what I already learned about myself and the ways in which I learn best.However, I enjoyed Jung’s Personality Assessment and ended up hiting the belowENFP.

“ENFP Warmly enthusiastic, high spirited, clever and inventive. Able to make about anythingthatinvolvementsthem.Quickforasolutionforanytroubleandreadytoaidanyonewithajob.Frequently,rely ontheir abilitytoimprovisealternatively ofpreparing inprogress. Can normally happen a compelling grounds for whatever they want.”This description is of my personality is right. That said I am non high energy. In fact I am so non high energy that when I was approximately seven old ages old my female parent took me to the physician because I was non high energy like her.

I do believe this personality appraisal it is a dual edged blade for me in that the speedy originative solution is non ever the best or ideal long term, but in a fast paced day-to-day altering work environment it is really much desired and is appreciated as the solutions allow others to acquire back their twenty-four hours to finish work. This was a typical job set for me on at least a one time a hebdomad footing in my last two occupations.This dynamic fundamentally describes my former daily work interactions to the doted I’s and crossed T’s in my last occupation as an Assistant Managing Editor, Web for a intelligence web site in Washington, DC. The one failing I see in it is my strength to apologize merely about anything. This can be a immense job if you are non cognizant, as this besides means a individual may gull himself by apologizing the incorrect decision from a state of affairs and populate in an surrogate world from those working about him if the creativeness goes to one’s caput. I by and large try non to believe my ain spin, unless I truly do and I am a proactive revivalist for it.I don’t cognize if this is an optimum manner to map in professional life, but equilibrating grim idealism and cynicism is by and large what I am known for.

Then once more, I have ever functioned this manner, at least every bit long as I could retrieve, but have ne’er seen it described so articulately as in the Jung’s personality trial decisions.The Managerial Grid and Leadership questionnaire was reasonably interesting and utile to me as good. I fell into the squad leader quadrant 8.4 on the “people” axis and 7.

6 on the “task” facet.I am non surprised, I have been working in adhoc day-to-day squads of eight or four competitory squad members since first twelvemonth of secondary school, when I started rowing. When I left rowing, my issue was slow, as it is for many who get involved in the athletics.

and I coached for two old ages. In this function, I learned about pull offing personalities toward joint ends. Not merely as it related to my boats, but besides my other training staff’s boats excessively.

Idealist cynicism is ideal for training rowing because they are the laziest difficult working jocks around.Is it utile to take a trial and have knowledge about what you already believed about yourself confirmed? Possibly. I would reason it is possible to play to the trial and personally, I would instead be judged on my squad leader qualities, by how I perform within group work undertakings and on how the group performs.

I would still reason that the people axis is by and large more of import to me personally, as most undertaking failures I have been involved with hold failed due to hapless dealingss among the squad members. Fortunately these state of affairss have been rare but utile acquisition experiences.On the Whetton and Cameron “Locus of Control Scale, ” I scored 7 where corporate concern executives average 8.29 with a standard divergence of 3.57. This rating was slightly utile to me. Learning and or being able to command yourself and things around you to outdo you can but non acquiring excessively stuck on you if it someway does neglect or you do n’t truly desire to have it in the first topographic point us helpful.

I try non to be excessively utmost in this one, because on the one manus you must look inside first if something goes incorrect ( Drucker, 1999 ) . The other side of this is understanding that in some fortunes no affair what you do something will travel incorrect. Sometimes things are merely wholly out of your control. Complaining can be legitimate, but I prefer it be a psychotherapeutic squad edifice exercising, if at all, otherwise you merely sound like a complainer. I do hold a difficult clip with fretful people.

American’s are reasonably large whiners and complainers about everything. Two semesters in an Irish University proved that to me.My Whetton and Cameron “PAMS” trial mark was 402 against the maximal possible ( 462 ) where a mark or 304 or above put an person into the top quartile. This was the trial I disliked the most. I feel my marking is non right. I do experience that manner, but am non wholly certain if observed by a 3rd party they would hold.

This trial, I think, is easier to over rate oneself while non seeking to make so on intent. I did non acquire much value from the PAMS trial.I feel like I knew myself reasonably good before making these assorted ratings, chiefly through test and mistake in different occupation functions and undertakings over the last few old ages. Making them has allowed me to believe back on state of affairss where the assorted facets and competences would hold come into drama in both the work sphere and personal domain.I learned the most from the acquisition manners appraisal and the personality trial.

They confirmed things that make me more comfy with depicting myself.However the misanthropic idealism I arrived here in Dublin with is perfect for any towns people that thrive on political relations and argument of large thoughts like those that happen in Washington, D.C. , where folks do it for a life. But it can at times come off as crass and rude or off seting, in other metropoliss ( Atlanta or Dublin ) where being able to reason three different sides of an issue good, and non truly believing any of them excessively profoundly is non the norm.

Traveling to Dublin has helped me travel off from some of this as have exercisings coercing me to believe profoundly about how my personality and assorted life experiences impact my societal and professional communications and the image of me that is being projected. This undertaking has helped me cognize myself and my competences strengths and failings much better.