Personal Career Analysis: Medical Technologists Essay

Medical and clinical laboratory technologists and technicians run a number of different tests on cells, tissues, and fluids. They specialize in matching blood types, analyzing drug concentration in a patient’s blood, finding parasites, bacteria, and viruses. They use an assortment of instruments and tools to perform these tests, which include: microscopes, automated equipment, cell counters, and other equipment capable of doing many tests at a time.

(“ExploreHealthCareer. org”) Technicians summarize data and send the information to doctors for their evaluation.Analyzing skills are increasing in importance as technology and automation decrease the need of hands-on skills by technicians. This field not only interests me, but makes me more fascinated to learn further about it.

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I have always enjoyed watching television series of medical shows, as well as medical classes throughout high school. The main reason to why a lot of people, including myself, choose this type of field is because of the high demand for it in years to come. Not only with the high demand, but normally the medical field has great pay as well.The environment of this work force is mainly in healthcare facilities and laboratories. I find this rather positive, because I am not a person well with confrontation.

You also have to have good concentration, emotional stability, self confidence, an analytical mind, and decision making ability, which are all traits I obtain. The educational requirements are a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. Courses recommended are mathematics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, in addition to courses on clinical laboratory skills, management, and education. “Occupational Outlook Handbook”) I plan to meet these requirements by giving my full effort towards school and my studies. Also, be maintaining acceptable grade throughout my classes. One of the BRAVO outcomes that is necessary in this career is reasoning. This is because this type of career will require analyzing, researching, and evaluating situations. Secondly, awareness is another outcome because you need to be focused and aware of what you are handling.

Two upper division courses in this major are MTEC 4900 Clinical Phlebotomy and MTEC 4950/4951 Immunohematology.These courses will be useful for learning how to analyze bacteria in blood, and how to understand what you are actually looking at. Taking these classes would also make you more aware of what you will have to be handling in the workforce. The job outlook of medical technologists is predicted to raise by 11 percent, and for technicians it is expected to grow 15 percent between 2010 and 2020.

“Increasing the aging population will lead to a greater need to diagnose medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or cancer. ” (“Occupational Outlook Handbook”) A professional association for this field is American Medical Technologists.It provides a website along with a description on how to be certified for this type of career. Over all, this field still is in interest for me; however, it has made me realize how much more effort I am going to have to put forth this major. One step to help me with this major is by taking extra time towards classes.

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