Personal Application Of Criminology Criminology Essay

The find of offense should be approached really carefully, so as to impact positively on the felons, in instance they are immature. It is of import to therefore weigh the available options really carefully before make up one’s minding whether or non to describe the offense of simply advice the culprits. The effects of both options should be carefully weighed. In some instances, where force is involved, it would be imperative to describe the affair to the constabulary every bit shortly as possible. Elliott and Quinn ( 2008 ) describe that certain criminology theories may assist to depict the best cause of action that would be possible in this scenario.

He farther explains that the action taken would really much trust on the behaviour of the felon at the clip of find of the offense.In this scenario we are covering with instance where by a parent of 16 old ages old male child arrives at his place at unusual clip and finds the doors of his house unfastened. When he enters in the house and to his surprise he finds his boy ‘s friend in the kitchen drawer. The male child explained he was looking for a paper and a pencil to so that he can go forth a note to his friend ( the boy of house proprietor ) . Contrary, on the counter next to suspected male child there was a lock – choice, Jewelry and the odor of marihuana was all over. The proprietor of the house told the male child to go forth instantly which he does. This paper therefore gives the best cause of action that I as a parent would take in order to guarantee justness is done and that the frailty is negated or curbed.When faced with certain fortunes affecting condemnable purpose, I would hold many options to believe about.

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The most imperative thing to make is to move resolutely towards deciding the impending job. In this instance, my boy ‘s friend gained entree unlawfully into my house and odors of marihuana, a common drug abused by the young person. This so raises dismay over the following cause of action that I should take in this instance. The male child is besides a stealer by definition holding stolen some of my jewellery and is about doing out of the door with them, before I walked in. I would hold to take a determination that is good for him and for others.Marijuana is a drug that has a broad social consequence. Therefore, what this means is that the male child should be made to halt smoking the drug. In fact, it is the drug that may hold caused him to move the manner he did and interrupt into my house.

The best manner to do the male child halt smoke marihuana would non be to describe him to the governments so that he may be rehabilitated to halt smoking the drug which has negative or inauspicious effects on the male child. I would instantly name my boy to the scene so that he becomes the informant to his friend ‘s behaviour. This would assist my boy to reflect on the sort of company that he keeps.

On the other manus, the immature male child would be embarrassed and possibly make up one’s mind to alter his behaviour instantly. However, this would non preempt the fact that his parents would non hold to be informed. The most of import measure after the immature male child has accepted his errors would be to inform his parents so that they may be portion of the procedure in altering their boy ‘s behaviour to a more positive mentality, hence controling his condemnable activities.Furthermore, I would hold to inquire him a twosome of inquiries sing his province of head and why he is indulging in drug maltreatment every bit good as larceny and house breakage. If he seems to be concerted, I would prefer to sit him down with his parents and speak him over the jobs. However, if he seems inexorable, he would hold to be reported to the constabulary who would take the instance over and censure him harmonizing to the prescription of the jurisprudence. At such a stamp age, the immature male child should be able to be subjected to advice by his parents.Informing his parents would be possibly the first measure towards guaranting that the male child does non go on with his bad manners unabated.

His parents would be polar towards reding their boy. At such an age, it should be easy to penalize the male child and capable him to countenances which would include anchoring him for a twosome of months, taking him to execute a drug trial, every bit good as acquiring him to be busy. Harmonizing to Elliott and Quinn ( 2008 ) , idleness frequently contributes to the committee of offense. Most of the young person indulge in offense as a interest. This is first begun by the young person indulging in drug maltreatment, so they would miss fundss to buy their drug supplies. What would be following would be possibly lay waste toing for the young person ‘s hereafter, as they would seek other agencies of obtaining fundss that are most likely non lawfully backed, such as larceny.The intercession of the male child ‘s parents should be instrumental towards guaranting that the parents kerb this bad behaviour before it escalates to legal affairs.

A theory by Jefferson ( 2007 ) insinuates that offense perpetrated by the young person should be tacked by first informing the parents, so if this does non work, the constabulary or security forces should be summoned to step in. Therefore, in this instance, it would be imperative to first consult with the male child ‘s parents who would be expected to step in and sit down their male child, reding him to halt this behaviour. Fostering positive behaviour should be the purpose of criminology. This would take to a diminution in offenses, hence impacting positively on the market in general and bolstering good behaviour among the young person.

On the other manus, I would cite my boy and rede him to discontinue the company of his drug laden friend. I would foremost get down by turn toing the effects of marihuana on the young person and how it derails a bright hereafter. Then, I would dig into the effects of maintaining the company of equals who indulge in such behaviour. This would make a sense of fright in my boy. However, I would non reason this procedure without transporting out a drug trial on my boy to determine whether he is besides in the group. This would enable me to do a determination to take him to a rehab if he is so affected. The rehab would assist him to stop his behaviour and affinity towards marihuana and therefore take a normal life.

Hence, the option that I would take would be really much determined by the reaction of the male child towards my find of his behaviour. If he remains cool, unagitated and gathered, I would mention the affair to the parents to take over from at that place. This would be if and merely if the immature male child resignations my jewellery and other stolen points that he took from my house. The parents would hold to be briefed of the full fortunes and hence advice their boy consequently. At this point, I would stop the relationship shared between my boy and the best friend, for the good of my boy.On the contrary, if the immature male child acts inexorable and boisterous, so I would instantly cite the security governments to grok him since he would be a menace to my life.

The constabulary would be best at covering with such a instance harmonizing to the jurisprudence. Therefore, to avoid all these, the immature male child would hold to move and act good and acknowledge his errors. This would set down him before his parents who would be best poised towards controling such behaviour in the male child.It is imperative to observe that the behaviour of condemnable is influenced by the environment which the felons grow up in. This is harmonizing to the strain theory which states that offense is as a consequence of the environment or social influence. I would foremost seek to halt the wont that the immature male child has taken into by inquiring him to give up my properties.

The strain theory supports this statement that halting the behaviour of the felon is the most of import measure towards guaranting that there is positive behavior alteration.A major premise that I would do which would steer my cause of action is that the immature male child is under the age of 18 old ages. Therefore, any action by him would be changed by the parents ‘ intercession. This premise would besides assist me to judge the behaviour of the immature male child and seek to advice him at the scene of offense, before make up one’s minding which cause of action would be best for the immature male child.I would non penalize my boy if he had no cognition of the visitant ‘s motions around the house. This is because ; penalizing him would merely indurate his stance towards maintaining his friend ‘s company.

I would nevertheless, merely punish my boy if he had cognition of his friend ‘s behaviour and did nil to halt him or even name me up to step in.I took such a determination because, harmonizing to Jefferson ( 2007 ) at that place many ways of furthering societal coherence and behaviours. Jefferson went in front to explicate that certain material conditions as of import to the societal coherence of one ‘s well being. These include the individual ‘s wellness, income every bit good as lodging and instruction. Hence, my boy ‘s best friend would be missing certain necessities in his life, which causes a vacuity in his life therefore doing him return to taking marihuana. Consequently, the male child ‘s life may be marred with disregard from his parents. This would be revealed at the clip of oppugning him closely following his activities at the site. Hence, it shall be of import that his parents are informed of the male child ‘s behaviour so that they may step in and happen better ways of bolstering behavior alteration in their boy for the common good of the full society.

In add-on, by allowing my male child cognize what his friend did, will help to assist him cognize that, when he has visitants he should ever supervise them and direct them through since he is at that place to stand for his parent when he is non at that place, that he should be careful when taking and supervising what they do, This incidence will besides let me cognize whether my child take drugs excessively ( whether it is a wont they have been making together as friends ) , and so, I will allow them ( my male child and his friend ) that stealing is bad and drugs are harmful. By making these, the kids will alter their behaviour and my male child will besides cognize one time person makes a error there is a penalty. By informing my boy ‘s friend parents about their kids, this would be seen as a positive act and therefore good societal coherence may turn and this kids may experience afraid of misconducting since they will understand they been observed by the society ( parents from two sides likely ) . In add-on, since the male child did n’t cognize that his friend will interrupt into their house he will apologise and likewise these is expected from the parents of the victim male child these shows that neither the male child nor the household of the male child found in the house still advocated for frailties like stealing and so for drugs.


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