Persepolis Criticism Essay

I am delving into the complex and semiotic nature of deconstruction critism as a lens for the book Persepolis. I will be analyzing how the creators own words twist back against them, and gainsay what they previously said.

I will use this lens is unearth the binary opposition of values or aphorisms in this book. I will overturn all manifestations of hypocrisy in all discourses from viewpoints on religion, and society to gender roles and sex.My credibility comes from my years of experience of deconstructing and writing novels, also I have researched this book Persepolis intensively even giving presentations to high school classes on my free time. Now to start deconstructing this book Persepolis, Marjane’s views on culture and freedom change considerable throughout the book. In the beginning of the book where she is a child and through teenage years, right up to being an adult. She robustly considers liberty to be a valuable commodity, and in Iran where she lived it was a popular belief.

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Under the Shahs regime people are fighting and giving their lives in the name of freedom, which influences Marjane greatly. These values show through in her words for example when she says. “existence is not absurd. There are people who believe in it and who give their lives for values like liberty. ” Page 191.

But when her parents actually give her a chance at this highly valued freedom, by sending her out of the country and to Europe her proceedings contradict her own words and supposed beliefs.Even with this newfound freedom living in Europe is quite difficult for her, she is far away from her family and home and all that she knows. This experience is devastating and she becomes depressed, this goes so far to where she is barely living, being homeless and nearly dying. This is where freedom and sovereignty lose their significance; she no longer appreciates this freedom and returns to where there is no freedom. Her initial views are contradicted in her returning to the tyrannical and liberty free Iran when she could have had her own freedom in Europe.Marjane goes on to have even more contradictions for example her views on sex drastically change. She goes from completely afraid and unaware of sex, thinking from her teachings in Iran that it is a thing only to be done when married and indecent to do anytime else. But when spending time in Europe she encounters a different culture with a different mindset for example when she is living with her friend who has sex often.

“my god they were in the middle of having sex, I rushed to the living room to protect my self from I dont know what, behind my best friend, a book” page 187Her mindset latter in the book is utterly different she goes from totally not wanting anything to do with it, to a form of pride in her body and sex itself. This is shown in this quote: “can you explain what’s indecent about making love with your boyfriend” page 303 “shut up my body is my own, I give it to whomever I want its nobody else’s business” page 303 This contrast between ideals and values in Marjane are very divergent this shows how easily Marjane goes back on her own views which happens many times throughout the book.Another example of this is when she is first in Europe and people are shunning her because of her differences of being Iranian and coming from such a foreign place. She has trouble relating with others and starts to hate where she comes from. She goes on to as far as saying to herself: “I wanted to forget everything, to make my past disappear” page 164 But latter radically transforms into being swollen with pride of being Iranian and where she has come from.This pride is so great she even yells it at people who are mocking her letting the world know she is Iranian and proud, this is an obvious change in her view point on her heritage and shows complete abolishment of her previous feelings of self pity and wishing to change herself.

She shows this when she screams this quote: “You are going to shut up or I am going to make you! I am Iranian and proud of it! ” page. 197 That is how one looks through the semiotic nature of deconstruction critism as a lens for the book Persepolis.I deconstructed multiple of the creators own words twist back against them, and gainsay what they previously said. I used this lens is unearth the binary opposition of values or aphorisms in this book.

From Marjane’s beliefs on freedom to sex there is many hypocrisies throughout them and it is through the deconstruction lens that we unearth them. This lens lets the readers see changes in thoughts and values which emphasizes growth in the character. Seeing this growth in a character can make them more relatable this is perhaps one of the aspects of deconstruction.

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