People’s Attitude Toward Teacher Essay

Teacher acts an important role in every way. As a student, we will meet them almost every day. However, every person have their own opinion toward teachers.

Generally, teachers give us a nice but strict feeling. Their job is to let every students have a better environment to study, try their best to give them the knowledge they have. Somehow we said that teacher is a job that “affect the life to life”, definitely can’t be ignored. As a aspect of parents, the arise of teachers let them have a great way to teach their own children.

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The time that learning in school is exactly the time which most of the students rebel and object what their parents teach them. School is a place that set rules to prevent their students from not behave well and teachers is the character that teach their students to obey the rules. Somehow the students will change their behaviour, and parents feel that this should be attributed to the teachers, and respect them a lot. As the aspect of Students, teacher gives a feeling of majesty to them.

Teachers can control themselves, will strictly only focus on study in lessons. They can clearly distinguish between right and wrong, public and private. Also , they can help the students when their have different kinds of matter. They will be patient to hear and consulting them. Somehow students will awe for the majesty of their teachers, and also because of the class of the teachers is higher than the class of students and so students surely need to respect their teachers!


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