Pen Is Mighter Than Sword Essay

There is a very famous saying that the role of pen is mightier than that of the sword.

But unfortunately there are people who do not agree to the saying and believe that the use of force is necessary. The pen is used to express ideas and the sword stands for force. It is forcing your own views on others. If somebody does not accept those views they must be forced by the use of the sword.

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The sword, therefore, implies force, not reason. The statement really means that ideas have more influence than violence. The sword can only destroy, but the ideas that are expressed by the pen can also build.The pen is thus preferred of the two.

But the sword has its own uses. In this world one does not only come across good, sincere, honest and responsible people but also meet people who are mean, dishonest and unreasonable. No argument convinces them and no eloquence can persuade them either. Thus, for such cases it can be said that where arguments fail, the use of sword becomes obligatory. But this does not mean that the use of the sword is desirable and appropriate.

Most of the time sword has been misused. History also gives example of how kings and generals owed power and used it to oppress the people.So whenever a man has been given sword for good purpose, he has intentionally or unintentionally used it for an evil purpose. No doubt a pen is much more influential than the sword. People believe that a pen cannot hurt anyone, where as a sword can kill someone if it is not used appropriately.

Looking from one perspective, a pen might seem not to do anything important if we simply see it as an object but a pen can be a powerful weapon if we find out the hidden potential of it. However, what matters the most is not the pen itself, but the words that are written by it.As history and facts have revealed, the impacts of wars cannot last lifelong except a very few. It can last for a few centuries, at most but the impact books have can last for thousands of years. Religion would be entirely different without the holy books that include the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah or any other holy book. The Holy Bible is one of the most influential books that have ever been published. It might not be applicable for everybody in particular, but the Bible has had a strong influence on all around the world ever since it was written down.The various speakers of the Bible captivate readers by telling stories of Jesus and teaching the new testimony and God’s love which they believe people need to live for.

I have come across many people around me who have actually changed by reading the teachings written in the Bible. They try to live as written in the Bible not because they are forced to so, but they are willing to do so. Whenever they are faced with problems, they overcome these by ruminating upon the teaching and message that the Bible gives. Many people study and read it every day so that they can mould their lives according to it.It changes how people think and behave. It is not only the Holy Bible that has influenced people so deeply, but a lot of other classic books are also playing an important role in inspiring and guiding people. The successes of the sword are temporary while the successes of the pen are endless.

It is the ideas that have always moved and ruled the world. With the force of the pen one can brings peace and prosperity to the world. It can move people to destroy the powers, of darkness and bring revolutions. The writings of Rousseau ‘ Voltaire and Diderot ushered in a new era is France and other countries.The workers of the world got united with the writings of Karl Marx.

Shakespeare, Vivekanand and Tagore will always be admired while Chaghis Khan, Timur-Leng and Hitler will always be hated because of the use of sword and force. The power of the Press is accepted by all. The Press can successfully uncover the errors of governments and bring about their fall.

Press can make or ruin the reputations of well-known public figures also. The power of pen is really superior to the sword. With the power of the pen writers, thinkers and artists created the soul of the modern world. The French Revolution inspired to the writings of Rousseau and Voltaire.Karl Marx’s Das Capital encouraged Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution. The basic modern international communism was formed with the combined work of Communist Manifesto, Fredrick Engels and Karl Marx.

Charles Dickens uncovered the ills of capitalism in his works like “David Copperfield” and “Oliver Twist”. Mahatma Gandhi’s thinking of life was based on the wisdoms of the “Gita”. David Thoreau’s “The Civil Disobedience” encouraged from Gandhiji for Satyagraha during the freedom struggle in India. In the Vietnam Fighting, journalists and photographers played a key role in bringing conflict to the end.India’s independence struggle was based on the power of the pen over the sword. The foremost national newspapers, The Hindu, The Tribune, Bengalee and the Amrita Bazar Patrika paid to campaign against the British law. With the help of the press leaders communicate their ideas to the people.

They were competent enough to promote among people a feeling of nationalism and unity. Navyug and Harihan were two newspapers which were edited by Gandhiji himself to mobilize the general public. The success of freedom movement over the British to some extent was the victory of the pen over the sword.People can do extra ordinary things with a pen, as it can control other people’s minds, cause any form of eternal trauma, and influence people to a great extent. The power possessed by a pen can change a person’s mind from inside out, while a sword can only harm the person physically either by killing or just hurting. Damages caused by the sword are mostly external which heal up over time but the internal effects caused by the pen can last throughout one’s life.

The sword is powerful, but the pen has much more powerful impact on a life of an individual.Without the pen society would have been something completely different of what we see it today. The basic norms of the society and the theories of scientists would have never been recorded for next generations. Our point of views and approach towards life would have been entirely different and the work of other scientists could not have progressed or advanced in the same way it has today, without the influence of its predecessors and the pen. The sword has brought nothing but death and problems, but the pen will bring you good fortune, harmony, victory, and wealth.

The power of the pen is so great, that the pen will always rule, as the sword will be at its feet. So no matter which century we are talking about, the pen is always mightier than the sword.References* “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword”.

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