Peer Review Essay

Because of the Critiquing I received from my classmates I have been able to do several things. This harsh Criticism has allowed me to accept that my work will never be perfect and that others will always find flaws, it’s is just up to me to accept these comments, make changes, and continue to excel. The second thing that this Peer review has allowed me to realize is that everyone has a unique and helpful perspective from which they critique work, this allows me to make my work appeal everyone from all angles, and it also broadens my imagination hearing all these different, yet equally interesting points.Though the peer review works just fine the way it is currently setup, I feel that making slight changes will allow for a smoother and more appealing class critique. The first change I would like to make is instead of each student reading the work individually, let the professor read several pieces of work aloud for the class to hear and give their comments on (without mentioning names. Peer evaluation is something every writer should appreciate because it’s not often we get to hear others opinions on our work, most people to whom we go to for critiquing frequently tell us what we want to hear, but allowing for people to hear a piece of work without a name behind it at first would allow for the harshest and most honest critiquing to take place.

After these works have been thoroughly reviewed by the class, then we all take turns getting into groups and reading our works to one another. Each week group members would change, allowing for fresh thoughts and ideas to be heard. But these changes do not have to be made, peer review works fine the way it is.

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This would just be an alternative, to switch things up and to also make certain people feel more comfortable.


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