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Part 1 – ReflectionsThis part of the assignment deal with the reflection for the all assignment that I did for the whole year. Each and every assignment have its own reflection.In assignment 1 – ReflectionOn this assignment I have learn to set up the my personal research environment as I instructed by the tutor and over  above I got understanding of using the UNISA Library to find the papers even though some other papers was not much relevant to what was needed such as released period. To use the google scholar was something very new to me but I find it easy to use to find the research papers.

For in terms of referencing the method and structure is the one that was challenging a lot in this assignment, but I have used the turnitin to figure out of how many percentage of plagiarism I made and errors. Install a reference and citation manager software – which I used to manage my research papers that I use later in the year.In Assignment 2 – ReflectionOn this assignment it is where I started to do a real research papers from the google scholar but I end up getting more research papers and some other research papers were not relevant to the topic  and I notice that some other papers are too old to use it since the other stuff were already improved. Lesson I learn here is to make sure that I must specify the range of year. For example specify from which year to which the papers that you want to minimise the amount of time consuming to get old papers that have old literature reviews.

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Here I learn to read more research papers but I some of other information was not difficult to remember when it a time to write it down to my assignment but I end up jotting down important information.Here I got stacked to Identify research problems as well as research questions, but due to the way strategy that I used to jotting down some important information I managed to identify one possible problem statement in the papers or based on the papers that I read on ethical computing with it main research question that identified within the problem statement. The problem I face here was to arrange and divide the sections and sub section of this assignment and align the paragraphs as well as referencing the Information that I got from the internet. Referencing is the one that I have to improve a lot in the next research. Paragraph aligning, I have learn on the last minute using YouTube videos and now I am an expert on it.

  In Assignment 3 – ReflectionOn this assignment, I meet the most challenge to determine an appropriate research design that include some important section such as research strategy ,research design, data collection, data analysis, data validation and ethical consideration. Firstly, I had no clue of how is the research strategy is all about that takes me a lot of time to discover and select the good strategy. To manage selecting the research strategy by first visiting you-tube and reading more research papers. You-tube gave me a basic back ground. Secondly, the data collection was a bit confusing me on how can I collect the data, but due to the research paper that I downloader from google scholar helped me to know and understand on how can I collect data and approach to analyse the data that I collected.

 Research objective was the one that was very clear to me after getting the problem statement and research question on that assignment. Third challenge that I meet the was the time management on that assignment because of many papers that I was supposed to read and understand so that I can come up with the research design and data collection and analysis by checking on how other writer conducted there research and find out on how can I prove or come with something new in the computer ethics. To manage time it was not something that was a big challenge but to the research I learn that I have to manage a time to get a work done proper and finish peer before due data.

In my next assignment I will make sure that I will do the piece of work every day to make certain that I complete the work to have enough time analyse and ask some question to the module discussion forum.In Assignment 4 – ReflectionsFor this assignment I managed to submit the work on time that means a better improvement in terms of time management than the previous assignment. The challenges was to use a correct reference using the Harvard style, correcting the grammar error, writing the simplest English and flow of argument from one point to another while I have enough rich points. To mitigate this in the next assignment I decided to re-read every paragraph and arguments. The challenge that I noticed is when I present ideas of other authors as my own it, sometimes it losing the means or it context. The one of other something I noticed is challenging if I add term definitions and Abbreviations it also increase the percentage of plagiarism.T choose the analysis methods was one of a hard thing. To select whether I will use the qualitative or quantitative analysis approach took me more than ten days until I read difference research papers for computer ethics.

 The easiest section in assignment four was the research focus, and introduction as well as other section that I was supposed to refine like research problem and questions. A lesson that make me feel bad in that was just the submission in the turnitin the results for this took a too much time to come out and the percentage for plagiarism was high. I the next years I will try to avoid it and I would keep checking before I submit it.  Summary of Assignments – ReflectionsOn the basis of the review of my early assignments and the comments of the teachers, I have a deeper realization about my weakness of English writing. As I know good paper or essay and assignment needs the right application of the words and a clear statement, conclusion and the literature review and full data analysis. First of all, I have lacked of enough vocabulary, which results in the low quality of the other assignments which lead me to make few plagiarism and teacher end up penalised me by subtracting some marks in assignments that was part of lessons in the assignments. In addition, I always make some grammar mistakes which can be avoidable through the careful writing and check.

I have learn to plan the literature review in terms of the research topic that is one of my great achievement I noticed. Besides these simple problems, with regard to the structure and quote form, I also need a lot of study time and exercise to revise about the assignment and it paragraphs. The challenges was to use a correct reference using the Harvard style, correcting the grammar error, writing the simplest English and flow of argument from one point to another while I have enough rich points.  My argument is usually not clear enough and a little wordy. The evidence that I use to support the argument needs more powerful connection and analysis with my point of view. Before writing an essays or bunch of papers, I should prepare some various and effective source as citation which can prove my assignment or any thesis statement directly. To manage time it was not something that was a big challenge but to the research I learn that I have to manage a time to get a work done proper and finish peer before due data.

To conclusion, I will try to concisely summarize my point and deepen the statement instead of simple repeating. Through my writing, I can see the biggest change is actually the change of my mind. There are quite a little problems of me to correct and improve, and I will work harder on the next study.


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