Paragraph 1: Embarrassing Train Situation Essay

Paragraph 1: Embarrassing Train SituationI recently stumbled upon some blog entries of some Western tourist visiting my country and finding it appalling that a local woman of about 40 years old rubbed her crotch on his thigh and started sexually harassing him. Although the blog was not really meant to criticize my race, I found it very embarrassing.  The women in my culture are mostly conservative when it comes to physical intimacy and I feel enraged by two things.

  The first is that some of our women can really be so rude and selfish.  This makes me mad because she did not think of how her actions would really reflect the impression of other nationalities.  The second is that the tourist should not have put it on blog because even if I were not the woman, as a Korean, I felt exposed.  Not all people are broadminded and there will definitely be some who would judge my race harshly for it. It simply makes me so angry!Paragraph 2: Crime and Punishment            I recently watched an episode of Crime and Punishment entitled, “Murdered by Mercedes.” It was about a 44-year old woman, Clara Harris, who discovered that her husband, David, and his new secretary, Gail Bridges, were cheating on her.

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When she confronted David, he confessed and said that he was going to end the relationship by seeing Gail for the last time at a certain restaurant in Houston, Texas.  However, Clara wanted to make sure he was going to do it so she hired a private investigator to secretly follow David.  She found out that he did not go to the restaurant and instead went to a hotel.  She knew at once that it was going to be the Hilton because David earlier confessed to bringing Gail there previously.  Clara went straight to the hotel along with her stepdaughter, Lindsay. Seeing David holding Gail’s hand made Clara violently angry and she started attacking Gail physically.  To end the scene, David and Gail fled to the parking lot to escape through Gail’s black Navigator.

Clara was blinded by her rage so she and Lindsay got into her white Mercedes and she drove it towards the Navigator.  Unfortunately, David was not able to ride the vehicle and Clara hit him instead.  This threw him 25 feet away.  Succumbing to her fury, Clara circled the Mercedes around the lot and ran over David’s body twice more. This was all caught on the private investigator’s video camera which became the primary evidence leading to Clara’s 20 year sentence in jail.


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