Pallasmaa, In The Thinking Hand. United Kingdom:

Pallasmaa,J. (2009)” Emotion and Imagination”.  Inthe Thinking Hand. Explored the notion that the hand is the link between mindand image, and its resultant power in the creative process, particularly theprocess of architectural creation.

The value of the hand is emphasized as anunderrated tool forgotten by contemporary culture, but necessary to thesalvation of the unity of mind, body, memory, and creative work.  Pallasmaa’s understanding of the creativeprocess by means of the hand is important, as it specifically ties into spacecreated through hand drawing, a process to be employed in this thesis in orderto understand the role of representation in architecture. Furthermore,Pallasmaa’s argument stresses the reality of truth created by the hand, asopposed to the existing world of fiction, which is necessary in understandingthe reality of the world contrasted against the reality of representation. Thissource is particularly useful, as it justifies hand drawing as a means of spacecreation while emphasizing drawing as an important component of architecture;both are key concepts central to this thesis.

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Pallasmaa’s source furtheremphasizes that, while all of the sources acknowledge a connection betweendrawing and architectural space-making, the methodology of drawingtransformation is considered as the process medium by which architectural spaceis created. In fact, regarding this thesis, none of the sources specificallyspeak to transformative drawing as the means by which representational space ismade. As a response to drawing as an unspecific term, a thesis objective ismade by which the methodology (process) of drawing transformation isestablished as the means (medium) by which space is created on the page andinevitably manipulated into architectural space. Pallasmaa, J.

, (2009). Emotionand Imagination. In The Thinking Hand.

United Kingdom: John Wiley & SonsLtd, 2009


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