Paleolithic vs Neolithic Essay

Paleolithic and Neolithic AgeThe Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age evolved greatly over time. Many changes and continuities occurred between the two eras. From the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age, the way of food changed from hunting and gathering to agriculture means ways while the use of stone tools for hunting remained the same.During the Paleolithic Age, the primary food source was that of which the paleolithic people caught.

To capture and eat their food, the humans used a technique called hunting and gathering. To hunt and gather their game, the humans traveled in groups. These groups consisted of their closest family members including aunts, uncles, and in-laws. The main reason behind this was to form a large group for protection.

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The humans battled long travels to obtain their food. They followed their food during the migration seasons. The humans could not permanently settle in one specific area because of migration.

The people had to go where the food went. They lived this lifestyle because seeds and wild fruit were not bountiful because of the Ice Age and at the time, and hunting and gathering was their only option. In addition to the Paleolithic hunters endurance to survive, trading goods and needs amongst other groups was necessary.

On a much larger scale, we still use this Paleolithic idea for trading goods and needs today across the world.From the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age, a lifestyle changed occurred greatly when it came to a food source. The Neolithic people adopted the ways of agriculture making it the Agricultural Revolution. The boost of agriculture uprising started after the end of the last Ice Age. The Ice Age melted all the life and soon life became mobile. The transition to find were agriculture uprooted from is done by the nature of plants themselves1. With this new system, the humans no longer had to follow their food or travel great distances.

They could permanently settle in one area and harvest their grains and crops. Although the agriculture was present, the Neolithic people continued to used the Paleolithic ways of obtaining food by hunting and gathering game. Eventually, the Neolithic people came to the realization that they could breed animals and food and ultimately produce more food. This would also increase population size and quickly expand the human race. Hunting, gathering and agriculture were a few food sources that interacted with one another causing a cultural uprising and a foundation to the way of life. In addition to the food source changing, the roles of which females played changed as well.

Women had larger public roles in religious rituals and agriculture responsibilities. This was a huge steps for humans. The changes brought by agriculture consisted of new farming tools, complex societies, population increase, and urban life.During both ages, tools and technology were present to complete certain tasks such as killing animals, skinning animals, and digging dirt for agriculture means etc…Paleolithic people were the first tool making hominids.

They created tools and technology with the use of stone, bone, clay and obsidian tools. With the obsidian, the made arrowheads for killing. With the bone they made needles, awls, and common household items. Eventually, the tools were altered to fit certain tasks and new technology was created to better fit the environment in which the people lived in. The ability to make tools out of stone and bone continued for about two million years2.The Paleolithic Age and the Neolithic Age set a permanent foundation of a lifestyle and technology that we now live on. By creating hunting, gathering, agriculture for food and tools for living, they expanded their culture in addition to building ours. Without the Paleolithic and Neolithic creative ingenuity, who knows where the world would be today.


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