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PakistanIssued a Nuclear Threat to India against a Statement of ACG Bipin RawatKhawajaMuhammad Asif issued a nuclear threat in a response to a statement of ArmyChief Bipin Rawat. Army Chief General in a press conference said thatPakistan’s nuclear bluff will be exposed if it comes to war and called out”Pakistan’s nuclear bogey”. He said that situation should not escalate to warbecause then Pakistan will be exposed in front of international community.While replying to the statement, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif took tothe social media platform Twitter andsaid that it was a very irresponsible statement by the Indian Army Chief. Hefurther said that it amounted to an invitationfor nuclear war and that the statement was not befitting the office.

He saidthat if the General tests Pakistan’s resolve then his doubt will be quicklysolved. ArmyChief, during a press conference in Delhi, said that India is fully prepared tocall Pakistan’s nuclear bluff and that the army is ready to carry out anycross-border operation anytime. This was his response when he was asked aquestion about the possibility of Pakistan using its nuclear missiles in case of a tussleat the border.

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Inresponse to Army Chief’s statement, Pakistan Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Dr Mohhamad Faisal went on a spree on twitter.He expressed his concerns over Indian Army Chief’s remarks.From his personal handle, he twitted that a sinister mindset has taken hold ofIndia and Pakistan has always shown deterrence capability.

Theofficial spokesperson for Pakistan’s armed forces, Maj Gen Asif Ghaffor saidthat Pakistan has credible nuclear deterrence against India. “Pakistanhas credible nuclear deterrence against any threat from India. We are professionalarmy, responsible nuclear state and resilient nation and India should notremain in illusion,” he said. While addressing the press in the run-up toArmy Day, Gen Rawat had called out “Pakistan’s nuclear bogey,” sayingit will be thoroughly exposed if the situation escalates into a war.Pakistanhas a short-range Hatf-IX nuclear missilein its arsenal which it often shows to India to counter India’s “Cold Start”strategy which focuses on limited strikes to make swift and sudden blow intoenemy territory.

Pakistan Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director MajorGeneral Asif Ghafoor while reacting to the situationsaid that the statements given by Gen Rawat did not suit his stature. Accordingto Geo TV, Ghafoor said that COAS is a very responsible appointment and it comes with great experience and maturity. Hefurther said that his country is capable to fend off any unwanted aggression and that the nuclear weapons are not a toolof choice but of deterrence. Theincreasing nuclear weapons in Pakistani arsenal is a serious issue forAmerica as well, with its own territory slipping from its hand. This is beingbad news for India as well as for Washington.

As a matter of fact, Islamabad’s growing arsenal has set alarmbells ringing all over the world.  


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