PacSun Store Analysis Essay

Customer ProfileThe current client of the Junior girls section of the PacSun are immature adult females who are driven by surfing. skateboarding. snowboarding. and other associated actives and life style.

The typical client closet is consists of mundane insouciant dress that is various plenty for inordinate motion and wear.Customer Demographics: •Female•14-18 year old•middle class• high school education•have mean 2 siblings•parents both work. hold college degrees•outdoor active lifestyle•interest in breaker. skateboarding. and/or snowboarding•personality is free spirited. self-generated. societal. and athletics orientedIn respects to the statistics of the purchaser profile compared to the existent merchandise consumer profile is influenced by outside factors.

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An norm of 45 % of the clients where immature misss with a female parental that purchased points. 35 % of the clients were immature adult females in groups of 2 or more. while 15 % of those groups all purchased single points.There was an norm of 15 % of clients who where immature adult females by themselves. 2 % of the staying profile were parents ( chiefly adult females ) who where buying for person else.

so another 2 % where male parental’s buying for person else. and the last 1 % was immature adult females with a mate. Within the department’s client profile. there is an norm of 65 % of misss that were sizes 3-7 and/or S/M ; and the staying 35 % where either above or below the mean size scope.Department AnalysisI.

Department Environment-The environment of the section is really energetic and free spirited. All the employee’s were friendly and conservative toward each client. It was about four o’clock p. m. when I visited the PacSun location.

There were an estimated eight female clients in this section. The gross revenues associates working the floor were eager to assist each client with there single demands. When come ining the shop it takes an norm of three seconds before being welcomed to the shop.II. Merchandise Appearance-The ware in this section was all put in it’s designated subdivision. The ware on the floor racks was organized by related points and manner penchant. The points on the walls were grouped in subdivisions of tops.

bloomerss. and jackets that looked best with each other. The clearance subdivision was clean and organized by sizes. and all the ware was in the right size subdivision. The shows were organized with co-occuring outfits. a few braces of denims and tee-shirts. folded following to each other with a twosome bags/ back packs ; the show flows good with the merchandise layout in the section.III.

Merchandise Classification-The Classifying of the merchandises was really various with the other merchandises. All of the ware stock is focused on breaker and skate trade names of vesture. The bulk of the stock is in tee-shirts.

sweatshirts. and denims. This section categorization of merchandises is focused more on big mixture of ware within a little assortment of categorizations. This ware strategy works good with this shop because it allows each client to personalise the single points in to outfits of their ain manner penchant.Data SummaryI.

Compare and contrast: After reexamining the primary and secondary informations. to acquire a better apprehension of the PacSuntarget market and realistic profitableness ends. it seem to be within a lucifer able scope of the comparing of sing the same demographics.

In the field survey conducted at that place seems to be a low sum of consumers shopping. but when added to an mean sum of clients per twenty-four hours it is appropriate. At this peculiar location further inland from the seashore. the shop has more pes traffic because of the lessening of competition in other surf/skate shop near the seashore. The income informations compared to the guestimate of income. based on buying sums spent.

does non fit up. It seems that people were passing more money so conveying in. When looking over the work force statistics. it seems that more parents are working and allow kids to purchase more merchandises for the lost clip together. leting for immense indulges in money spent shopping.I feel that the client is a adolescent with working parents and most store is done on ain. The client is give fixed sums to pass and pre-though periods through out the twelvemonth. The consumer is likely to be working a little parttime occupation and spends payroll check on personal wants and amusement.

The loyal PacSun clients like to make their ain activities related manner through points at the shop. There vesture chooses are selected more through lastingness and versatility. so advanced tendencies.

The client is amusement seeking and dedicate. It is more like that the clients of PacSun are returning clients so new 1s. one time image is established by consumer.

they tend to go on on the same way.II. Modification MixAs a purchaser for PacSun it would be advisable to truly analyze the shop milieus because even though the seasons are altering. it is likely that clients will buy armored combat vehicle tops andshort-sleeve shirts twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The demand for jackets is normally slender. but a broad scope of sweatshirt and jumpers is a necessity because the San Diego country does acquire blowy during the terminal of the twelvemonth. Bing a purchaser for specific categorization of clients is rebelliously easier when in a normally predicable clime.

like San Diego.Knowing the voguish colourss for each season is more necessary so cognizing the voguish cut shirt cuts. because the PacSun consumer wants to be able to have on the point for season after season. non merely for a few months.

The most of import thing to retrieve. as a purchaser. is to purchase the merchandises for the client non the corporation.

Meaning to ever carry through the clients demands before merchandising merchandises for corporate popularity and profitableness.If logical. I would widen the size scope of the vesture to open up the mark market to adolescents in the plus size scope. This will increase the pes traffic in the shop. Other so the size. the shop have the right merchandises and manners in it that lives up to the PacSun repute. If it were possible to make a different client cleavage. while keeping the current the ware is shops.

it would hold to be to add another subdivision for Pre-teenagers. ages 10 to 14 old ages old. there are many younger clients that are already set in there type of dressing categorization of manner related to there activities. like surfing and skate embarkation. This would dwell of widening the sizes and manners to Boy and Girl sizes and manners.

but utilizing the same consistence of trade names. This would make a whole new pes traffic and profitableness for PacSun shops.Bibliography–www. pacsun. com. copyright 2007-www. Hoovers. com.

copyright 2007-onsight analysis. day of the month January 23. 2007


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