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Net Neutrality has been a major issue in the USA for a decade.The
Federal Communications Commission (commonly known as FCC), which
regulates the internet services, wants the net neutrality rules to be
reformulated or totally demolish the net neutrality.Due to this, many
industries are fighting against FCC’s proposal and Big Tech is one
of them.

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Net neutrality by definition: “Internet is
considered as a common utility like electricity, water, and other
basic things and Internet Service Providers are common carriers of
this service, which should treat all traffic more or less the same on
their network”1.In general terms, the companies which provide
internet cannot block or regulate the speed of data depending on the
content which the consumer wants to access.

This is the
reason why major companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix support Net
neutrality.They never want their sites to be blocked or regulated
depending upon ISP’s or consumer financial ability.
In 2005, FCC started
regulating the ISP’s for content which was ruled out later when Net
Neutrality came into action.Many attempts have been made by FCC to
change the net neutrality rule but couldn’t succeed in full.This
issue again came to light when Ajit Pai was appointed as the chairman
of the FCC in January 2017 by president Donal Trump.Ajit Pai has
proposed to repeal the net neutrality rules and according to him,
“it will promote new platforms and better services which will
probably help consumers at the end”2.He has been standing with
his point even after many threats.

FCC mainly argues that
Net neutrality has been blocking the way for new platforms,
applications, and better services. It also argues that ISP’s and
companies can make some financial profits and incentives by making
changes in net neutrality rule and adopting a new set of
policies.This will encourage emerging companies by providing them a
better platform where more number of companies can participate in a
fair competition.This will also lead to employment generation.On the
other side, it may also lead to major problems like corruption if
deeply analyzed.This happens when an emerging or existing company
tries to make a deal with the ISP’s and suppress other top
companies/websites to promote their own company.This will apparently
hit top companies, making them lose revenue.This will again be a
major issue.

From the
consumer point of view, internet freedom shouldn’t be compromised
and he/she has every right to access whatever they want or
communicate easily without the interruption of ISP’s.Internet
security and privacy can also be compromised if Net neutrality is
disturbed.So, the role of the ISP’s should be like a carrier rather
than regulator or decision maker.

A rapid increase in
competition between ISP’s will occur, which may benefit one or more
ISP’s but will also have a negative effect on the others.

If there is no net
neutrality, the concept of variable pricing may be adopted according
to which ISP’s can provide an access to the consumer to whatever he
wants but as a paid service.This paid service may vary from service
to service or application to application depending on the size of
data, popularity and other considerable factors.This may benefit the
ISP’s economically but will lead to dissatisfaction of consumer
because every consumer may not have the financial ability to access
the paid service.

In response to the FCC’s vote on Net
neutrality repeal, dated 14 December 2017, Marsha Blackburn, the
chairperson of the House subcommittee on Communications and
Technology said that, “No blocking or throttling will be allowed
and the open internet preservation act will ensure that internet is a
free and open space, but it would provide some changes so that
companies can invest and innovate for a better future”.3

abolishing Net neutrality policy will impact every element in the
process, i.e industries, Web sites, online business, ISP’s,
consumer.Also, today almost every offline business is based on the
internet in a direct or indirect way manner.So, a change in the
policy will, in turn, hit the country’s economy.

Internet has played a major role in the development of science and
technology.Putting off this right to access the internet will slow
down the development in all fields.So, any changes that can preserve
the internet, net neutrality and help the growth of both ISP’s and
FCC must be adopted in order for a better tomorrow.