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Carney Photography19 January 2018Diane ArbusDiane Arbus was an American born in New York City, New York on March 14th, 1923. Her maiden name is Nemervo and married Allan Arbus at age 18. She instantly starting working with her husband with advertising and fashion photography. They became a very successful team and had photos in the Vogue magazine.

To further her carrer she decided to work on her own photography. She wandered around New York City showing her take on New york. She went to hotels, public parks, and morgues to express her art.

Her art expressed raw quality and some of her work found the July issue of Esquire. After her work being published in the Esquire she had became a well established photographer who participated in shows across New york City. Although she was very well known people were scared and confused by her artwork. She photographed dwarfs, giants, transgender people, nudists, and circus performers. Back in the 50s and 60s those were the people frowned upon. She didn’t care and showed passion for her artwork through them.Sadly Diane commited suicide on July 26th, 1971. Two years before she killed herself her husband and her divorced.

But her photography career was still thriving in the last two years of her life. She struggled with depression and her marriage not working. Her work remains a very open interest in weird and strange things in life. In 2006 she had a film based on her life called Fur.

She lived a short but meaningful life and she will be missed. RIP Diane Arbus.


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