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Online shopping        Traditional shopping and online shopping differentiate in many ways. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Online shopping is more beneficial for people who do not have time to go out and their time is limited, but traditional shopping is more convenient for those who have the time to check the product in person. It also depends on how people prefer their way of shopping. Some people prefer online shopping because it satisfies their need more.

Although each has their own benefits and non-benefits they differentiate in many things such as time, comfort and safety.          The first difference is time. Traditional shopping takes more time than shopping online. You have to go through a long process when you go traditional shopping.

You need to walk around and it will take make you exhausted till you find what you want and then you will start comparing prices. For example, once you find what you want, you will start thinking if it is suitable and what can you wear it with as a match with your other clothes. Then you will start thinking if the price is reasonable and if you can find it in another store with a more reasonable price.

Traditional shopping process will waste a lot of your time. Unlike traditional shopping, it takes less time and attempts to shop online. Online stores are open for 24 hours you can shop anytime you want you won’t be limited. Also, you can compare the prices effortlessly. It will only take you seconds to check other online stores for the best prices and offers.        .        Another difference is the comfort. Non-benefits of traditional shopping could be benefits for online shopping.

For example, you go to a store to buy one thing but the store clerks keep recommending some products and that won’t only waste your time it would also ruin your mood and make you annoyed. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of them and you do not want to do it in a rude way which will end up making you uncomfortable and stressed. In contrast to traditional shopping, online shopping is more easy and comfortable to do. You get to do your online shopping at any time and place you like. You do not have to talk with the store clerks and think of ways to get rid of them. Especially if you are someone who gets anxious easily you will benefit from online shopping more than traditional shopping because you won’t have to get out of your comfort zone and talk to strangers.

        The last difference is the safety of traditional shopping and online shopping. The safety of online shopping is less than traditional shopping. In traditional shopping, you get to see the products in real life.

You can also try on clothes and check the material and design up close. On the other hand, many people who shopped online at least got fooled once. You picture what you are buying in your head and you get surprised when you finally get it in your hand, it is either the quality, the color or the size.

Also, you have to go through many steps for payment and worry about their honesty and whether they are trustworthy. However, the payment is made immediately in traditional shopping. You do it in person reassured and happy      In conclusion, there are many differences between traditional and online shopping.

Such as the value of your time, your comforts of not getting out of your comfort zone, and safety of spending your money. However, some people prefer online shopping over traditional shopping because they think it’s more beneficial. Especially for people with anxiety. 


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