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p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }What is a jobinterview about? Is it just an introduction or a real chance for youto bond into a memory of a potential employer? It is definitely thesecond. Introduction was done before through the phone or emailconversation. You made your first impression already and was invitedto an interview.

How would you get remembered so among all theothers they call you to come to the second interview or come todiscuss a job offer? Imagine, yourpotential manager has a list of candidates in front of him. He hadinterviews with all of them. All candidates were good, all showed thesame job experience and expertise and were in the industry for sometime, enough to be accepted. What could you do toexpress yourself to have your profile on top? I bet you’re thinkingnow: “I should have told that story differently, paid moreattention to the success details.

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I was too narrow in my answers,didn’t show myself as an educated person…”. No! It is all aboutthe questions you asked them at the interview. Here is a simplepoint: interview that had no questions asked by a candidate was dulland thrown away from the interviewer’s mind immediately. Followingthis, the job goes to the one who was interviewed last.

Great if itwas you, but what if not? Set a milestone, a benchmark to makeothers achieve and overachieve it if they can. – Ask the rightquestions when you have a chance. Believe it or not,but interviewers are prepared to the most of the typical questions acandidate can ask them: about a company’s structure, a salary, awork day, an overtime, etc. These are the questions asked hundredtimes a day and answered even more. You should ask something thatwakes them up with a sparkle of light beating the eyes and leaving aflare spot they will be having every time they see your profile. What was amotivation to start a company? Or What was a motivation for you totake a position in the company? – Not a simple question toanswer. They are not prepared.

You’re forcing them to think andthat is causing emotions. Emotions are the best bonding componentbetween your and them. First type of question is good for a Directoror a CEO of a company, another one is good for a manager who isinterviewing you. Do you know yourcompetitors well enough to handle a market share? – Notexpected. Do they really? It is hard to answer because this questionhas two parts that may be not connected. You may know yourcompetitors well and still loosing a market share.

That is a kind ofa question to test if they are ready to be honest and open to you. Ifyes, it is very likely you get the job. This question also tellsthem: “This guy must know our business or industry really well”.

Another question ofthe same kind and the one that is good when you’re talking to aDirector – “Can a one-time success of a product or servicemotivate you to convert it(them) to a product line?”. Imaginewhat is happening here – you’re talking like equal parties. Thatis a big brave step at the interview process that is respected bysenior managers and presidents.

It also gives you and idea of howachievements are supported and honored in a company. Will you be asuperhero for a day or forever? Can you describea person who really succeeds in your company? What are their skillsets? – Another way to test and wake up the audience. It is arevert to: “Do you see me a successful employee in your company?”.Having this you get immediate feedback of your interview. Do you believethat weakness can be converted to strength? – It is a doublestrike here.

You can learn if a company allows you to developyourself and have minor failures excused or they throw away failedones. At the same time managers think of themselves. Could theyconvert their weakness to strength? What was the mostvaluable lesson you learned from your failure being in the company? -Complicated. It puts interviewers into a weak position of choice:they either never made a mistake before and definitely will in thefuture or really learned a valuable lesson and tell you. Happened soand you can be sure – job is almost yours.

They will be thinking ofthis question till the rest of a day and in the evening. They willremember a guy who asked that. I bet others will not ask anythingclose to that. So there are no others anymore after that.

Have you ever hadan inspiration of a new idea or a product when doing somethingobvious or routine, like cooking or cleaning, etc? – Calming downand relaxing. Associating you and them as a family of ordinary peoplein this world of business who have daily tasks to do, but capable ofhaving inspiration to success from that. A good relaxing question forthe end of interview to make everyone smile till the rest of the dayand maybe in the morning making coffee.

These are just somequestions you can have to impress the audience and get into theirheads. Keep it extraordinary, keep it unusual, keep it bright. Youwill be remembered and selected. As it was mentioned above – once abenchmark is set, others are measured against it. Other candidates,not you, must overachieve that mark.


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