Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Overpopulation – China, India, Mexico, Kenya Essay

Overpopulation – China, India, Mexico, Kenya Essay

Overpopulation – China, India, Mexico, Kenya Environmental issue: Overpopulation on earth tends to affect the environment because every person takes up space. Forests are being destroyed for lands and woods to produce a suitable environment for the growing human population to settle into. However, due to the termination of the forests, it has a greater chance to lead the plants and animals to extinction. Political connection: Governing an overpopulated country may lead to severe problems as the population may be difficult to supervise.

Civil wars might break out over farmlands as people need land to produce money, however, in some cases people spend majority of their time fighting that farmlands are not even put to use. The government of an over populated country could possibly fall into a constantly increasing debt because the more people there are, the more money the government have to spend to fulfil them. http://geojoedr. tripod. com/id3. html Deforestation – Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya Environmental issue: Forests are one of the most important factors in climate change mitigation because it stores a tremendous amount of carbon.

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During the process of cutting down the forests, carbon is released into the air due the machinery they use. Also, the wood that was produced from the forest may be converted to another use which would contribute to the amount of carbon released (Fire place, to cook, etc). Clear cutting the forests will result in great chances that we would not have enough supply for wood in the future, since trees take a vast amount of time to reach their harvesting stage. In addition, habitats of animals would be destroyed leaving them with no available shelter to be approached. http://www. fao. org/news/story/pt/item/40893/icode/en/

Social: http://www. rticlesnatch. com/Article/Deforestation—Effects-On-Environment-And-Society/364645 Overfishing– Japan, Canada, Alaska, India Environmental issue: A vast majority of fishing industries are overfishing as their greed had overcome their awareness that the species are vulnerable to face extinction, and leaving the fishes with limited time to reproduce. The top predators in the ocean are a key indicator of the ecosystem’s health, and they are disappearing at a drastically frightening rate. The reduction of the top predators could cause a dramatic shift in the ocean ecosystems, whereas, the valuable fish are replaced by smaller ones.

Economical connection: Mismanagement of fishing industries would result in overfishing, which causes the industries to collapse due to the lacking amount of fishes. The loss of jobs in the industries would affect the economy as people would have no source of income to pay for their needs. If the whole community relied on the income of the fishing industries, the standard of living would decrease depending on the amount of job losses. http://www. greenpeace. org/international/en/campaigns/oceans/overfishing/ Emission of carbon dioxide– United States, Russia, Germany, South Korea Environmental issue: