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The idea of the perfect Girl Scout crosses the mind, but passes over. In the year 1912, Juliette Gordon Low became the founder of girl scouts. She was artistic, intelligent, self-reliant, and determined; which lead her to found one of America’s greatest non-profits that’s lasted over 100 years.

Low had yet to discover that her foundation for girl scouts would shape and change the future world for women. The main goal of girl scouting is promoting diversity, individualism, being independent, discovering leadership, becoming involved, and obtaining new skills.Many girls across the world are different physically, emotionally, and by the color of their skin. This is why girl scouts is very helpful for girls because it promotes diversity. Low wanted all girls across the world to have this experience; therefore she allowed anyone to join, girls across many nations were thrilled. From the American’s, Europe, Asia and Africa girls all over the world are now involved in one of the fastest growing non-profit organizations in the world.

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Also, with the promotion of diversity each girl learned to accept every individual girl for who they are, which allowed them to make more friends and have fun.In addition, any girl with special needs, disabilities, or chronic illness would be accepted into the Girl Scout family. Today, girl scouts help others in need; from volunteering at homeless shelters to having a car wash for a good cause, they always can make a difference. However; the girls also make an impact on themselves as a individual. Girl Scouts all across the world are affecting the planet and living beings on it in a positive way; even though they are helping other people they impact their own individual self. In the past 100 years, scouts have the determination to discover who they want to be in life, and what they want to do.In activities, such as camp and earning badges girls learn all kinds of professional jobs that they can be when they grow up.

It didn’t matter to Low that in the 1900’s men were considered more dominate than women; she still embraced that any girl could be what they wanted to be. Therefore with the girls could create goals and accomplish them because if they are truly passionate about their “dream” job, the desire can be fulfilled. Soon girls began to discover that they would not have to be dependent if a stride was made for them as an independent.In the beginning, girls in the 1900’s couldn’t do anything with marrying at a young age or having some man in their life, because they were consider more dominate. However, with the proceeding of war women were well recognized of their skills and could get jobs. With this new upspring women began to realize that they weren’t happy with their lives and wanted more out of it.

Low was a very independent and strong individual; therefore with the creation of girl scouts she began to shape the lives of many girls and women across the world.With perfect role models girls learned that they could be dependent on themselves and that skills could be learned to change their lives forever. Today, girls can be reliant on themselves, free to be themselves, and have a large amount of self-support. In addition, scouts began to learn new leadership skills. Specifically, girls could really begin to make a difference in their lives with the starting of summer camp, group activities, and new ideas for fundraisers, selling cookies and fall products.Girls could begin to take charge and lead on their own ideas.

Any individual girl in a troop would listen to one another’s ideas and truly understand how they want to be when they grow into adulthood and start their own life. Not only would they have new friendships that will last a lifetime, but they will also have someone to depend on when times are rough. Besides Leadership, girls also have a large involvement in their community. For instance, involvement in any community or volunteering can create a large impact on anyone’s life, especially girl scouts.First, girls get to make so many new friends and have the best of friendships that will be treasured forever.

Secondly, at camps, activities and earning patches girls will get to learn new life skills that will help them make an impact on their town. Thirdly, exploring the wilderness will help them be active with their surroundings and make them want to go outside more rather than staying inside to play video games. Lastly, girls will also know how to make cool, creative and fun crafts that they can share at school, home, with their friends, and anywhere in their community.

Although with all of the involvement in their communities, girls also get more out of programs because of the skills they learn. Initially, when girls go to camp, join a troop, start new activities, attend programs and begin to start to form their own programs they adapt to new skills that will impact their lives forever. Every Girl Scout LOVES camping. Camping also helps girls learn about fire safety, how to survive in nature, and learn more about nature. Arts and crafts are also a large impact on the girls.

It allows them to have fun and be creative in their own special way.As a result, girls also learn new outdoor sports like swimming, soccer, basketball, and others as well. With all of these great qualities girls across the world begin to accept others for who they are. In other words, Juliette Low helped create a non-profit organization that impacted the lives of billions of girls across the world.

From exploring this role more closely Juliette has inspired me to go further into my major and create my own life and shape myself into who I want to be. Also, I now have the courage to create my own non-profit organization and see myself lead towards true success.


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