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Out of the two artiest I have been given to choosefrom I have chosen to write about Kara Walker and her Marvellous Sugar Baby.

When Walker first created this marvellous sculpture, it was a very creativetime and the project was on a large-scale for the public to see, it was set inthe industrial relics of Brooklyn and was in the legendary Domino Sugar Factoryby the east river, Williamsburg. The sculpture was a site-specific installationfor the Sugar Factory itself and how they used black slave labour. Thesculpture was a massive, sugar-coated sphinx-like woman, it responded to thebuildings history. But its best known for the cut-paper silhouettes also in thefactory, with their black features. The sphinx itself had black features andwore aunt Jemima kerchief, with earrings.The sphinx itself was a beautiful, brazen, and adisturbing sculpture, but above all it is a densely layered statement and itpays tribute to all the black women who worked in the sugar factory. Thesculpture is often sexualized by the way she is hunched on the floor, and bythe way she has her left hand clenched, by the white slaveholders in that time.the sculpture its self is a looming 35-foot-tall and is an edibletable-decoration which is widely available across the world, which makes it alarge part of slave labour.

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The sculpture itself fills between two steelcolumns in the sugar factory but the columns also trap her like how the whiteslaveholders made their slaves feel. The sphinx herself had her left had clenched,in the ancient fig, or fist, which is considered an obscene gesture, orprotection against the evil eye. The evil eye must be one of the oldest mythsaround in the 19th century and is still around now. Her boulder-sized toes were used as steps they were that large. The scene from King Kongarriving in New York comes to mind the he is held in the hold of the ship,because he is also being singled out and trapped for people’s amusement. The polystyrene that built the sculpture shows throughthe sugar coating, which makes it seem as if its quarried stone. When thesculpture was being placed down 13 molasses-coloured boys help put her togetherand they were underaged Blackmores. They also put in the 15 resins or castsugar statues into the building with the sphinx.

The status had their owncarved characteristics about them. The sculptures helped promote the Egyptianlabour practices as they were also slaves to the common white man, which madethem feel more powerful. The sugar itself is a historically freighted materialbecause sugar use to be a luxury to have only the rich use to have sugar butnow everyone does and in them days the slaves use to harvest the sugar Clanefor the rich which is why I think Walker has created this marvellous sugar babyto show how it was the black people who use to put all the time and effort infor us to have this luxury. The slaves had it extremely hard but it gotembedded into them to work and have it rough.The sugar factory itself was just one sugar coatedplace, but when it rained the sphinx ended up having these dark spots thatfoamed because the old roof would leak onto the sculpture. The exhibitionclosed in July 2014 on the 6th so people would exaggerate about themarvellous sphinx and lose their liberties in the process.

People started tolive in phantasmagorical genocide, people started to fantasy that white peopleare better than black, some people use to think that black paper was the signof grief which shouldn’t be the case. 


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