Othello Essay

Henry V was a man of great diction. His words to his fellow soldiers before Eve of Saint Crispen’s Day strengthened them mentally even though they were outnumbered. This speech given by Henry V was based on what leadership was like in the Middle Ages.

He uses a pathos rhetorical point of view towards the audience to grasp their attention on what mostly important in Henry V’s speech. It is ironic where he states, “If we are marked to die, we are enough to do our country loss; and if to live, the fewer men, the greater share of honour.Henry V wants his men to know that they will come out of battle victorious.

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Even if it means that they will fight with less to none people because it less honor to share when the battle is over. By stating that, the audience believes that his encouragement to the soldiers, despite the numbers of the battle, convinced them to want greater for their people, for themselves, to become honorable. Most individuals tender to the sob creation of Shakespeare’s work. Shakespeare’s best work always seems to include the use of pathos. He had a use for it in his plays, scripts, sonnets, poems and other creations.It is thought that Shakespeare was powered by love in a sense that he would mainly have a use for the pathos rhetorical device. He has always made great work regarding this device so his use of it is very effective. The way Shakespeare compares people to life, nature, etc gives a sentimental feeling to the reader.

Therefore, it works as well in his speeches on war. The tragedy and pain the soldiers look for too gives the reader yet another feeling but of sorrow. His use of love stories and tragedies affects the reader emotionally.


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