Organizational Structure and its Influence on Knowledge Management Essay

Organizational design is one of the factors that will greatly act upon the execution of a cognition direction procedure.Harley ‘s director and brotherhood members found that organisational construction gives immense barriers to realisation of company ‘s hereafter. So Rich alterations Harley ‘s organisational construction from bid – control determination doing into employee-driven construction and it ‘s minimum. Employee should make up one’s mind on the particulars of the boxes and lines for the organisation and the construction should deduce from existent organisational maps.Rich and co-workers come up with thought about circle organisations. The doctrine behind the circle organisation was to acquire the right people, together at the right clip, to make the right work right. .

This circle organisation represents shared leading and cross-functionality at work in Harley-Davidson.The circle organisation based on three nucleus procedures, Create demand ; include selling, gross revenues, public dealingss, client services and titling. Produce merchandise ; include fabrication, technology, buying, logistics, etc. Supply support ; include finance, HR, legal, information services, and so on.

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Leadership and scheme council ( LSC ) , coordinator of other three circle.Figure 1 Circle OrganizationArrows indicating to stakeholders country means it ‘s the external focal point for the company. Meanwhile, arrows indicating across the circle indicate acknowledgment of mutuality. This strategy encourages the employee to seek the right people to work with to acquire the work done. The command-control place was replaced by the manager or facilitator in each group. Employees communicate and portion thoughts inside and between the circles, cognition purchaser and marketer change their thought how to work out a job, new thoughts were generate during the treatments.

Employee Engagement

One of factors act uponing prosperity of Knowledge Management enterprise is employee ‘s battle to the organisation. When employee experience the organisation is belong to them and their part is recognized by the company, employee will be encouraged to portion their cognition and actively take part to company ‘s concern scheme. Bob Hayward in his web site portion some benefits of employee battle in the organisation:Better public presentationKnowledge worker whom engage in his occupation tend to work smarter. They ever looking for ways to better their public presentation. Work in effectual and efficient manner. It means better quality, inventions and lower cost.

Better communicatingEngaged employee communicate to portion thoughts, information and cognition. Knowledge sharing is in his blood. He actively plays functions in cognition market.

Greater client satisfactionCustomer is a male monarch. Engaged employee will seek how he could run into client demands. Customer satisfaction is his mark.Better squad workingEmployee has personal duty to present concern docket. He works in the squad to accomplish organisation ‘s vision.

Greater committednessEmployee has a pride and truly attentions about the company ‘s hereafter, because company ‘s hereafter is besides his hereafter.Lower employee turnover and greater ability to enroll great peopleOne of serious job in organisation is high employee turnover. Without proper cognition direction system, cognition could walk off out the door together with employee.

Organization has to reinvent the wheel every clip employee goes out. For engaged employee, they do non easy go forth the company. They feel happy working at that place. Good employee normally has good networking ; it will take them to suggest the company great people to fall in them.Rich and his squads clearly have vision how to prosecute their employee to the company. Harley did some activities to promote the employee battle:Established Performance Effectiveness Process ( PEP )PEP gives single chance and duty to find map of his work unit and how single can do difference in company ‘s hereafter.

PEP is the smallest entity of company ‘s vision that will germinate iteratively and it ‘s a participatory procedure that will take to the whole company concern procedure. PEP can be used for several activities, such as:Performance EvaluationSee single from other position. Know his place based on others judgements. Participated in specifying public presentation steps, understood how their colleges perceived them and how to better their public presentation in the eyes of their college. Based on this public presentation rating, company should pull out failing of their employee. So the company knows which topic should be learned by the employee.Career DevelopmentMany employees like position quo.

When company seeking to do major cultural alteration, they do non desire to alter and detest to be changed.PEP was tailored by the HR section to go basic for calling development.Encourage personal cognition.Executive portion everything in their head. They are making theoretical account to their employee to portion what they found in their work topographic point.

Maximize employee engagement.Persons know lucidity how he or she can do a difference. It ‘s good for company every bit good for the persons.

In their employee enchiridion, Harley Davidson has commitment to make a on the job environment designed to maximise employee part and supply resource and chances to develop their cognition. i? Nonaka ‘s BaPep does non win in its first month or even first twelvemonth of execution. It emerged over several old ages, with uninterrupted betterment in all facets.CompensationHarley compensates people non merely from public presentation but besides on how they demonstrate their capablenesss. Harley found that they should non counterbalance the employee merely with money. Because we should hold much money to make that, said Lee.

Harley has two primary ends: 1 ) to do a larger portion of employees ‘ compensation at-risk or variable and 2 ) to counterbalance all employees in basically the same manner by making standard wage constituents across the company.Hear the employeesHarley Davidson is an employee goaded organisations. They were altering their civilization from bid control – exceed down company into more participatory. Most people want the same thing from their company. For them working motive is non merely money. What Harley ‘s employee truly seeks are wagess and acknowledgment in nonmonetary kingdoms. They seek chances to be heard, organisation ‘s grounds of part, engagement in determination devising and job helping procedure. They want to cognize every individual facet in organisation and understand what is traveling on.

Employee seeks entire experience in their on the job topographic point.The company truly heard and takes necessary action to response the employee ‘s thought. Harley ‘s facilitate sharing session on what they expect in the organisation.

The employee proposed 49 things to the company. Some of the points can be done instantly and the others need O.K. from the board.

But Harley truly engages to his employee satisfaction, and this will convey the employees to make the same thing for the company.

Lifelong Learning

Harley ‘s leaders, both brotherhood and direction leaders have commitment to promote and ease rational wonder in the organisations. Intellectual wonder is consequence of looking person else making the undertaking and ground why he making in that manner.Company serves the employee by supplying accomplishments and cognition they need.The most important measure toward Harley larning civilization was from Awareness Expansion III activities.

One of participant said “ We ‘re larning from each other, and we ‘re increasing our apprehension of our several concern ” .Prosperity of AEIII leads to AEIV. AEIV has purpose to larning from each other.Presentation on some subjects.

AEIV collaborate with MIT-based Organizational Learning Center. This Research group headed by Peter Senge, he is an organisational theoretician and adviser.Harley Davidson provides some formal larning plan to its employee.Harley Davidson Leadership InstituteTuition reimbursement plans at Graduate and Undergraduate degreesDegree Program with Marquette UniversityLifelong Learning CentersMotorcycle U – Harley Davidson University


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