Organizational organization need to implement new policy

Organizational culture isvital in influencing risk management in a health and social care organization. Thisis because the spread of culture by word-of-mouth, role models and otherconsiderations, can communicate the behaviour and attitudes that theorganization prefers or expects (Schein, 1992). Through organizational culture,an organization can create the most attractive conduct, which involves makingsure that they develop a safe working environment for their staffs and serviceusers.

The safety of service users in a health and social care organization isseen as the avoiding, preventing and neutralizing of unwanted incident or injurythat may happen during a treatment procedure. Some of the undesirable incidentsare human mistakes, negligence, hazard, medicinal services related wounds andaccidents (Day et al, 2016)  This section will befocusing on four features of risk management in an organization and theirrelationship with organizational culture which are leadership, teamwork,reporting of events voluntarily and education and training (Morgan, 2007). Theimportance of organizational culture cannot be hidden because it is in theheart of everything an organization does, it shows the values and behaviour oftheir staffs and this is always regarded as the glue that sticks theorganization together (Deal & Kennedy, 1982). Therefore, the influence oforganizational culture on risk management is very crucial, mainly when theorganization need to implement new policy which requires the culture to motivateand encourage employee on early reporting of risks (Scally & Donaldson,2000).

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According to what happened in the scenario that was given for thisreport, organizational culture has an influence in what happened to Mrs Jonesbecause the usual culture of most health and social organization allows staffsto report any potential risk which Nurse Butler did, but the training oreducation that is required for her to take action on that particular incidentwas not there which has resulted to a loss of life.


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