Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper Essay

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper Essay

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

I have been part of the Siemens group since 2004 and have enjoyed my time there as a commercial officer in the Transformer business unit. Being part of such a wide scale multinational organization has its advantages in the form of high exposure to the industry, reputation amongst many other things. However it is important for this kind of organization to conduct its business in precise manner that is guided by rules and regulations as well as internal and external laws, policies and principles.

Looking at different terminologies and concepts, I can most confidently say that Siemens has excellent systems in place that guides these concepts seamlessly in the organization worldwide. Let’s look at each aspect in detail:

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1)      Organizational Culture and Behavior
According to my understanding, an organizational culture is the set of values, norms, beliefs, symbols and attitudes that are common inside the whole organization and that is shared by all or most members of that organization (Venture Line, 2008). Behavior is based on the attitude of a person towards a certain thing, thus the behavior depends on the culture too. At Siemens, all the employees value the 3 principles of the organization greatly: Innovation, Excellence and Responsibility. Based on these principles all employees know that they have to strive each day to exceed what they had accomplished yesterday. They further know that they have to be the best at what they do and all of their actions are detrimental to the organization’s success thus the attitude and behavior towards work is positive while their internal culture is totally professional yet friendly and cooperative.

2)      Diversity

Diversity is generally considered as the multiculturalism found in a particular area that divides that area into different segments based on the differences of gender, age, race, language, color, disability etc. Siemens has embraced diversity with arms wide open as it believes is equality as well as the wider pool of knowledge as a result of diversity. Project teams full of multicultural people are usually seen huddled together at lunch tables discussing their new ideas. Also Siemens also employs disable people while maintaining a very tight policy against sexual harassment.

3)      Communication

Communication is the two-way flow of information one that is received and the other that is sent back as feedback. This flow of information is extremely important for all people as it enables people to interact properly and understand what the other is saying. Information technology has greatly improved the role of communication at Siemens especially when Siemens started to implement SAP. SAP is an Enterprise wide resource application that caters to all needs of an organization including communicational needs. Information is sent via telephone, memos, emails, printouts etc. and they are received and answered back for confirmation of the receipt.

4)      Business Ethics

Ethics is something that is morally correct or incorrect. An ethical thing is usually according to the values and rules of the organization while an unethical is vice versa (Wordnet, 2008). However unethical things may look wrong, they may not be illegal thus this fine line between wrong but not punishable is sometimes exploited by people for personal gains. At Siemens, everybody has to follow the ‘book’ and avoid any things outside it, even taking shortcuts in work related matters. Everything is reported, documented and sent to the audit department for checking purposes. This strictness makes the employees wary to any wrongdoing and hence forces them to comply with the rules and regulations of the company.

5)      Change Management

Change is the only constant thing in the world as someone said. Yes it is true that change takes place all the time and we as individuals must adapt ourselves for the change to survive in this world. Those who don’t change, usually lag behind until they drop out of the race. At Siemens the race is always on for success and excellence. Therefore Siemens is always on the run to develop new ideas, new creations, new solutions that are better and easier than ever before. Thus Siemens calls itself innovative in everything it does and is therefore the leader in its field.


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