Organizational behavior Essay

Organizational behaviorI am an assistant to the Director of Marketing at Superior Sales Corporation and it is essential to make people understand the meaning and necessity of Change.

Change Management is an integral part of the corporate fraternity these days and that too with reasons. In general sense it can mentioned that Change management includes assessment of changes, implement the change, plan and attainment. (King, 2006) Thus, the main aspects of Change management indicate two major points. One is to trace the change intricately and two is to support the procedure of the change and channel it into proper course or utilize this change for the advantage of the corporation. (Lamb, 2004)Stability is the basic framework of an organization. This element enables the organization to run smoothly and efficiently.

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However, employees are the people, other than the top management section, who ensure the make or break factor of an organization and the idea of stability and change should be clarified to them. (Kar, 2006) As the corporate scenario is vulnerable to changes, overnight it becomes that much important for the employees to keep updated all the while. Changes, general or specified, should be monitored closely and analyzed according from the perception of company and solution should be chalked out accordingly. It is the administrative job to maneuver the system in accordance to the change so that the organization is not affected under any circumstances. (Edelman, 2005)It is essential for the management to address Change management principals for the proper usage and management of resources and obtaining the complete or maximum utility out of the process. Change can be advantageous or fatal for an organization. The job of the management is to channel the mode of operations towards an advantage scenario. Thus, Change management principals are important and administration should be up to the task.

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