Organization communication Essay


The diary article that we have selected, titled “Organization Communication As An Important Factor Of Organizational Behaviour” are written by Zeljko Turkalj and Ivana Fosic, the professor in the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia. This article is a research article published under “Interdisciplinary Management Research, 2009” .

The country of Turkalj and Fosic’s ( 2009 ) survey focused on the factors impacting the communicating in organisational. The intent of writers to take this article is to supply farther grounds on why communicating is really of import in organisation which is shown through single growing, occupation satisfaction and motive of the employees.

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The aim of Turkalj and Fosic ( 2009 ) conducted this survey is to look into the communicating between different hierarchal degrees, communicating as the component of organizational behavior and employee communicating satisfaction on peculiar degree.

The possible readers of this article are concern professionals who are runing an organisation in universe. It is preferred for all degree of directors to read as an inspiration for them to steer the employee to derive greater occupation satisfaction and better public presentation.

The diary that we chose is an empirical diary. This is because this diary emphasizes on the of import factor of organisational behavior influence the communicating of organisation. Turkalj and Fosic ( 2009 ) included a elaborate research consequence and collected statistic analysis based plan SPSS ( Statistical Package for Social Sciences ) . On the survey of employee communicating satisfaction in administration in organizational scenes, there are 146 testees on this research are from four organisations in Osijek-Baranja County, which were ready to collaborate.

In decision, Turkalj and Fosic’s ( 2009 ) found that is possible in different apprehension of the communicating importance of the leading, and the use of antique media used in communicating between different degrees would do the employees’ communicating satisfaction in organisation.


In drumhead, the intent of this survey is to research the organisational communicating as an importance factor of organisation behavior. Organization behavior ( OB ) is of import in order to increase the comparative advantage of the company and house.

An component of organisation behavior is communicating that observed through the group degree. Communication is procedure of reassigning, understanding and significance of a message from transmitter to recipient. The importance of communicating is to link the organization’s employees and employers so that can accomplish the company’s ends and aims. In an organisation, communicating can develop into many different signifiers, waies and channels of information flow.

Last, we face the chances and new challenges of leading for proving the different organisation behavior construct manners, so we need to pay greater attending in the organisation communicating due to turning alterations in organisations. Four organisations from Osijek-Baranja County carried out a questionnaire about the communicating satisfaction in organisation. The consequence showed the greatest and lowest satisfactions that are perpendicular and run intoing communicating by employees.

Review of the strengths of the diary article

  1. Content of the article

This is rather a good and complete research paper, as the writers write out the points that related to the subject of this article demoing that how the organisational communicating as an of import factor of organisational behaviour and the rubric for this article is appropriate. Besides, the writers besides making good in included all the parts necessary for a research paper, including abstract, debut that is the importance of communicating for organisation, different communicational webs in the organisation, a survey of employee communicating satisfaction in organisational scenes, consequences from the questionnaire, treatment, decision and mentions.

Although this article is rather short which merely consist of 10 pages, nevertheless the writers are able to give sufficient information in order to back up the subject of the article. The readers can easy cognize how communicating is of import to the organisation as they are written in point signifier and easy for them to read.

In add-on, the content of this article was well-organized and good construction. With every point the writers discussed, there is a large rubric that had been bolded. This can demo the readers what this paragraph is approximately and the readers can hold better understanding when they read the article.

  1. Writing manner

From the beginning to the terminal of this article, the writers use a simple and apprehensible linguistic communication degree so that the readers can easy understand the message that conveyed by the writers. This can increase the figure of readers and the importance of this article can easy distribute to public as the composing manner of this article suits all sort of readers.

The writers besides explained exhaustively the different waies of communicational flow and besides different communications web in the organisation. To back up the findings, the writers had carried out a questionnaire. Besides, the writers besides obtained informations based on the entire sample to the averment made. In order to increase the apprehension of the readers, the writers did supply images, diagram and tabular array to do them clearer. This can besides heighten the amplification of the article.

Review of the failings of the diary article

  1. Credibility of the writer

After I had reviewed the article, I found that thecredibleness of the writerI didn’t think that it is credibility plenty since the article didn’t stated that the writer, Zeljko Turkalj and Ivana Fosic are pupils or professors and the article merely stated that both of them are from the module of economic sciences in Osijek, Croatia.

  1. Content of the article

Other than that, the writerdidn’t clearly stated that what is the chief intent of this articleas I found that the writer stated many intent of this paper in the abstract which are explicate the importance of communicating procedure and channel of informations flow in the web of formal and informal group for organisation and others. I suggest that the writer should utilize a more specific intent so it will non do the reader confuse when they read the article.

In add-on, the writerdidn’t provide any questionnaire inquiry setin the article and the writer besides didn’t briefly talk about how they conduct their questionnaire, whether their inquiries dependable and valid or non. Furthermore, the writer shouldnon merely utilize 146 testees as their sample sizewhich are employees from four organisations. Therefore, this will do the concluding consequences may non be accurate because harmonizing to the surveies of Sedlmeier & A ; Gigerenzer ( 1997 ) said that a big sample is better than a little sample that will take to a more accurate for gauging the populations which means it increase the opportunities of happening the significance difference.

In other custodies, the writerdidn’t provide any hypothesesin the article that can be used to prove in the research. Besides, the writer besidesdidn’t demo what methods they used to cipher the questionnaire informationsthat collected from their respondents through questionnaires. Therefore, I suggest that the writer should utilize some of the methods such as multi-regression and correlativity, T-test analysis and other type of analysis which can be used to prove whether their hypotheses have positive or negative relationship or non. After proving the hypotheses, it can bring forth a more dependable consequences for the article can be used in the hereafter research by other research workers.

  1. Writing manner

Furthermore, theliterature that cited by the writerare relevant to the subjects. However, the writer shouldpresent his paragraph in a more simple manner, for illustration from the article “Business communicating is normally divided to the 1 within the organisation, and the one outside the organization.” ( Turkalj & A ; Fosic, 2009 ) It can be rewrite in a more simple ways such as concern communicating normally divided to the individual inside or outside the organisation. Therefore, there besides some of thegrammar and spelling mistakein the article. For illustration, the sub-headings figure 3 in the article “A stady of employee communicating satisfaction in organisational scenes” that stady should be survey.

However, the writer should besides avoid utilizingslangwords such aspipeline.If the readers without the cognition of the organisational communicating and organisational behavior, they will non understand the significance of this word.


Overall, this article provides us a better apprehension on the importance of communicating in the organisation or company. The survey has investigated different degree of communicating, communicating is one of the constituents of organisational behavior and the satisfaction degree of employee on specific degree. Communication efficaciousness is of import to the success of the organisation and can be seen through the group degree.

The points that the writers write out is related to the subject and all the necessary parts are besides included in this research paper. They besides use simplified words so that the article is apprehensible. Besides, the mentions used are besides clearly stated and extremely believable.

However, there are several failings besides. First of wholly, the chief intent of this research is non stated clearly. Furthermore, the writers didn’t put any questionnaire illustration in the appendix and they didn’t briefly discourse how they conduct their study. Besides, there are besides grammar and spelling mistakes in the article.

In order to better this article, the writers can seek to advert clearly about what their intents are in the research. They can besides double look into their plants before printing to cut down the mistakes. Last but non least, they can increase the sample size to do certain the consequence is dependable and by and large can stand for the whole population.


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